Phillies Have Highest Local Ratings

October 20, 2011

nielsen-baseball-ratings-oct-2011.JPGThe Philadelphia Phillies garnered the top local TV ratings in 2011 of all Major League Baseball teams, according to October 2011 data from The Nielsen Company. This season, nearly one-10th of Philadelphia households, the most of any market, tuned in during regular season, locally televised Phillies games.

The Cardinals and Milwaukee Brewers took the second and third spots, as during the regular season, 8.9% and 7.9% of households tuned in, respectively. Interestingly, half of the playoff teams were among the top 10 for household ratings for regular season, locally televised games and all three top teams made the playoffs.

Midwestern Viewers Love Baeball

Six of the 10 most-viewed teams – the Cardinals, Brewers, Cincinnati Reds, Detroit Tigers, Minnesota Twins and Cleveland Indians, play in Midwestern cities. Another two each play in the Northeast (Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees) and mid-Atlantic (Phillies and Pittsburgh Pirates).

In addition, five teams play in the American League (Red Sox, Tigers, Twins, Indians and Yankees) and five play in the National League, including the three most-viewed (Phillies, Cardinals, Brewers, Reds and Pirates).

Brewers, Indians Recruit New Viewers

During the regular season, the Milwaukee Brewers jumped to the third spot after a 63% yearly increase in local ratings. The Cleveland Indians saw a whopping 105% increase in their local market rating compared to last year, bringing them to the eighth spot in the overall rankings.

Yankees Tops in Viewer Volume

In terms of sheer volume of households tuning in, however, no one can beat the New York Yankees. The Yankees had roughly 323,000 local New York City households tune in to their 2011 regular season games and an astounding 918,000 households tune in to their playoff games.

Cards Carry Playoff Viewers

nielsen-baseball-ratings-local-oct-2011.JPGIn this year’s playoffs (not counting the St. Louis Cardinals-Texas Rangers World Series), the Cardinals drew the viewership of 26% of all local households, beating the number two Tigers (23%) by a comfortable margin. The Brewers were also third in playoff viewership (22.65),while the Phillies fell from first to fourth (21.6%).

Although they wound up as American League champion, the Rangers only had the fifth-highest playoff local viewership share (17.4%).

Yankees, Red Sox Capture Fans

For the second year in a row, the three favorite baseball teams among US adults are the New York Yankees, Boston Red Sox and Atlanta Braves, according to a June 2011 Harris Poll. Rounding out the top five are number four Chicago Cubs (up from number five in 2010) and number five Los Angeles Dodgers (number eight last year). The Yankees have been the number one baseball team in America for nine straight years since 2003.

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