Web Users Spend Most Time w/Facebook Again

October 4, 2011

nielsen-online-brands-by-time-per-viewer-apr11-may11.gifFor the second straight month, Facebook clearly dominated other top US web brands in average monthly time spent per user during August 2011, according to data from The Nielsen Company. In August 2011, the average Facebook user spent seven hours, 45 minutes and 49 seconds on the site (July 2011 Facebook data was underreported and cannot be used for direct comparison).

Meanwhile, the brand with the second-highest average time per user in August, AOL Media Network, only averaged two hours, 52 minutes and 52 seconds, less than half Facebook’s total. Yahoo trailed closely behind AOL with a monthly average of two hours, 12 minutes and 18 seconds. There was then another gap of more than 30 minutes between Yahoo and Google, which averaged one hour, 47 minutes and 42 seconds per user.

Google Draws 176M Visitors

nielsen-internet-usage-sep-11-oct-11.JPGGoogle was the most visited website during August 2011 with 176 million unique US visitors. The top sites among US web users remained largely the same as the month before, with Amazon increasing its rank to become the ninth-most visited site during August 2011.
While all sites in the Top 10 saw an increase in unique US visitors during the month, Amazon had the largest increase (5.9%) among the top sites.

215M Americans Go Online

Overall, 215 million Americans were active on the internet in August 2011, an increase of 1.2% compared to the previous month. On average, Americans spent more than 30 hours online during August and visited 99 unique domains. Nielsen estimates 275 million Americans had access to the Internet during August 2011, meaning 78% of those with internet access used it at least once.

comScore: Online Video Consumption Slightly Grows

For the third straight month, the number of Americans viewing online content and their total online video viewing sessions grew on a month-over-month basis in August 2011, according to comScore Media Metrix data. A total of 180.37 million Americans viewed online video content in August 2011, representing fractional growth from 180.3 million in July 2011, which in turn marked the second straight month of 1% growth in unique online video viewership.

Americans logged about 6.9 billion online video viewing sessions in August, roughly tying the all-time record set in July and an increase of about 33% from 5.7 billion in August 2010. On a year-over-year basis, unique online video viewership grew about 1.5%, from 177 million.

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