Bing Outperforms Search Rivals

September 29, 2011

compete-core-search-market-aug-11-sep-11.JPGThe Bing search engine significantly outperformed Google, Yahoo and AOL in terms of month-over-month and year-over-year US core search share and query volume growth in August 2011, according to Compete data. In terms of core search market share, Bing held 15% in August.

This figure was up 8% from 13.9% in July 2011 and up 28% from 11.7% in August 2010. In contrast, while market leader Google held 68.3% of the core search market, but this represented a 1% month-over-month decline from 69% and 5% year-over-year decline from 71.7%.

Meanwhile, Yahoo lost 2% of its core search share month-over-month, falling from 17.1% to 16.7%, and slightly grew from 16.6% year-over-year. AOL remained a distant fourth with a mostly stable 1.1% market share.

Bing Volume Grows Dramatically

Bing’s growth in core search query volume was dramatic in August, especially compared to August 2010. Bing reported 51.5% year-over-year core search query volume growth, rising from 1.27 billion to 1.93 billion. Month-over-month growth was a more moderate 7.3%, from 1.8 billion.

AOL actually beat Bing in terms of year-over-year core search query growth rate, rising 74.7% from 79 million to 138 million, although this was a slight decline from 139 million a month earlier. AOL remained well behind Google, Yahoo and Bing in core search query volume totals. Google and Yahoo both recorded double-digit year-over-year increases in core search queries, but small month-over-month declines.

Bing-Powered Search Shows Small Growth

Bing-powered search, which includes both the Bing and Yahoo search engines, showed small month-over-month increases in both core search share and query volume, although its market share (31.7%) and query volume (4.09 billion) remained fairly flat from July 2011. Bing has not been powering Yahoo search long enough for a year-over-year comparison.

Conversely, Google-powered share and query volume, which includes the Google and AOL search engines, slightly declined. AOL has virtually no impact on Google’s overall performance and Bing drives most of Bing-powered results, although it is less dominant in this respect than Google.

comScore: Yahoo Wins, AOL Loses in Aug. Core Search Queries

Yahoo posted a 5% month-over-month growth rate in US core search queries during August 2011, rising from 3.44 billion to 3.61 billion core search queries, according to comScore qSearch data (which uses different metrics than Compete). Meanwhile, AOL saw its core search queries decline 9%, from 251 million to 229 million.

Americans conducted 19.5 billion total core search queries in August (up 1% from 19.2 billion the previous month). Google ranked first with 12.5 billion searches (up 1% from 12.4 billion), followed by Yahoo, Microsoft with 2.6 billion (up 1% from 2.57 billion), Ask Network with 510 million (up 3% from 494 million), and AOL.

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