3 in 5 US Smartphone Users Access SocNets

September 21, 2011

comscore-smartphone-socnet-us-sep-2011.JPGIn the US, three of every five smartphone owners age 13 and older accessed social networking or blog destinations on their mobile devices for the three-month average period ending June 2011, according to [download page] data released by comScore in September 2011. The number of US smartphone users who ever access social networking or blog destinations on their mobiles (both browser and app) has grown 72% in the past year to reach an audience of 47.8 million visitors.

In addition, those users accessing social network or blogs almost daily meanwhile nearly doubled, growing 90% to 28.1 million smartphone users. comScore data indicates social networking is one of the most popular mobile activities in the US.

European Smartphone Users Follow Similar SocNet Trend

comscore-europe-smartphone-socnet-sep-2011.JPGIn Europe, which includes the UK, France, Germany, Italy and Spain for this comScore analysis, mobile social networking usage displayed similar trends to the US, with two of every five smartphone owners accessing these sites during the month. More than 35.7 million smartphone owners in Europe accessed social networking or blog destinations on their mobile in June, an increase of 80% from the previous year.

Daily usage surged as well, with 17.9 million smartphone users accessing social sites on their device almost daily in Europe, climbing 94% from June 2010.

Facebook Reaches More than Half of US Smartphone Users

comscore-facebook-twitter-smartphone-sep-2011.JPGcomScore analysis indicates Facebook and Twitter are among the largest social networking sites globally, and both brands have developed a growing mobile audience as well. Slightly more than half of US smartphone owners (50.9%) and 31.7% of European smartphone owners accessed Facebook on their device in June 2011.

Meanwhile, Twitter reached 12.5% of the smartphone audience in the US and 7.4% of the European smartphone audience.

US Facebook Users Favor Homepage

In the US. the largest portion of users’ time spent within Facebook is on the individual’s homepage which features the newsfeed. In May 2011, 27% of engagement on Facebook.com occurred on the homepage and Newsfeed, followed by profile viewing (21%), photo viewing (17%) and usage of apps and tools (10%).

Prosper: 7 in 10 Mobile Users Check Status Updates

About seven in 10 (69%) US smartphone and tablet users check social network status updates on their mobile device, making it the most popular mobile social networking activity, according to September 2011 data from Prosper Mobile Insights. Viewing photos closely follows in popularity (66%).

Other mobile social networking activities performed by more than half of mobile users include updating status (53%) and sending emails (51%), while 49% post photos taken on their smartphone/tablet. Only 26.5% go to retailer pages to find deals while shopping, and 15% don’t access social media sites on their mobile device.

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