Facebook Dominates Web Brands in Time per User

September 15, 2011

nielsen-web-brands-jul-11-sep-11.JPGFacebook clearly dominates other top US web brands in average monthly time spent per user, according to data from The Nielsen Company. In July 2011, the average Facebook user spent five hours, 18 minutes and 40 seconds on the site.

In comparison, the brand with the second-highest average time per user in July, AOL Media Network, only averaged two hours, 17 minutes and 46 seconds, less than half Facebook’s total. Yahoo trailed closely behind AOL with a monthly average of two hours, 14 minutes and 25 seconds. There was then another gap of almost 40 minutes between Yahoo and YouTube, which average one hour, 39 minutes and two seconds per user.

Google Leads in UA

Google led in unique audience with about 172.5 million users in July. Facebook followed with 158.9 million unique users, meaning Google had a unique audience about 8% larger than that of its nearest competitor. Yahoo then followed with about 148.6 million unique users.
There was a general connection between time spent and audience ranking, as all of the top five web brands by average monthly time spent except AOL Media Networks (which ranked seventh by unique audience) were in the top five audience ranking. Google was ranked sixth in terms of average time spent.

213M Americans Go Online

nielsen-internet-use-jul-11-sep-11.JPGOverall, 213 million Americans were active on the Internet in July 2011 from all sources included in hybrid measurement. Internet access through home and work PCs continued to grow to 249 million individuals in the US during July 2011. This means roughly 78% of Americans with some form of web access went online.

In addition, the average web user had 64 sessions, visited 95 domains, viewed 2,572 web pages for one minute and six seconds each, and spent 27 hours, 14 minutes and 48 seconds online during July.

comScore: Ticket Sites Rise to Top in July

Ticket sites represented the fastest growing category on the web in July 2011, with nearly 26 million people browsing for summer concerts, events and entertainment, marking a 23% increase compared to June 2011, according to comScore Media Metrix data. Ticketmaster ranked first with 10.9 million visitors (up 13%), followed by MovieTickets.com with 5.6 million (up 34%).

In addition, Tickets.com sites grew to the third position with 3.6 million, while StubHub.com followed with 3.4 million (up 9%) and eBay Tickets US rounded out the top five with 843,000 visitors (up 31%). Total US unique internet audience remained essentially flat at 215 million.

About the Data: July 2011 marks the first month of Nielsen’s new “Total Internet Audience” metric, which incorporates hybrid audience measurement data to provide a holistic view of online audience activity. Hybrid data extends beyond home and work PCs to include mobile devices and other access points, and as a result of these measurement enhancements and the additional sources measured, metrics including Unique Audience, which Nielsen uses to rank the top web brands, witnessed changes in data for July. Therefore July data cannot be trended.

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