7 in 10 Mobile Users Check Status Updates

September 14, 2011

prosper-mobile-socnet-sep-20111.JPGAbout seven in 10 (69%) US smartphone and tablet users check social network status updates on their mobile device, making it the most popular mobile social networking activity, according to [pdf] September 2011 data from Prosper Mobile Insights. Viewing photos closely follows in popularity (66%).

Other mobile social networking activities performed by more than half of mobile users include updating status (53%) and sending emails (51%), while 49% post photos taken on their smartphone/tablet. Only 26.5% go to retailer pages to find deals while shopping, and 15% don’t access social media sites on their mobile device.

PC Preferred Web Device

prosper-web-access-sep-2011.JPGEven among smartphone and tablet users, a desktop or laptop computer is the most popular means of web access by a sizable margin. About 64% of mobile users prefer a desktop/laptop for accessing the internet.

In contrast, about 29% prefer using a smartphone (55% less than prefer a PC), and only 8% prefer a tablet (87.5% less than prefer a PC). Total equals more than 100% due to rounding.

App Leading Way to Visit Facebook via Mobile Device

Close to three-quarters (72%) of mobile users visit Facebook regularly (routinely, as in a set pattern) via PC. Another 63% regularly visit Facebook on a mobile device via app. However, only 25% regularly visit Facebook on a mobile device via URL, which is 60% less than the percentage using a mobile app to visit Facebook on a regular basis. Fourteen percent of mobile users do not visit Facebook regularly by any means.

App Rivals PC for Regular Twitter Visitors

Among mobile users, 23% regularly visit Twitter via computer and 22% regularly visit Twitter via mobile app. Only 11% regularly visit Twitter via mobile URL, while 66% do not regularly visit Twitter.

Other Findings

  • 42.5% of mobile users are somewhat or very likely to switch from their favorite social media site if a better one becomes available. About 2% do not use social media sites.
  • About 51% of mobile users have a Google + account, with 24% using it all the time. Another 16% don’t have an account but would like to sign up, while 16% have not heard of it.
  • 80% of mobile users say the best service/coverage is more important to their smartphone/tablet, while 20% say the newest technology is more important.

Nielsen: Facebook Dominates Mobile Social Networks

Much as it does in the world of PC-based social networking, Facebook is the clear leader among mobile social networks with about 46.5 million unique mobile visitors during Q3 2011, according to data from The Nielsen Company. This was roughly four times the unique mobile audience of its nearest competitor, Twitter, which had about 11.4 million mobile visitors.

About the Data: Prosper Mobile Insights surveyed 294 smartphone and tablet users on their devices from August 30 – September 2, 2011.

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