Longer Search Queries Increase

September 7, 2011

experian-keyword-click-sep-2011.JPGLonger search queries, those averaging six to eight words or more, each increased 3% from June 2011 to July 2011, according to data from Experian Hitwise. Meanwhile, five-word searches grew 2% month-over-month, four-word searches grew 1%, one- and three-word searches stayed flat and two-word searches declined 2%.

However, shorter search queries still accounted for a majority of the total. One-word queries were most popular, making up about 25% of the total, while two-word queries constituted another 23.5%. Three-word queries accounted for 19% of the total, meaning about 68% of all queries consisted of three words or less. Adding in the 13% of queries that had four words, and more than eight in 10 search queries conducted during July 2011 consisted of four words or less.

Yahoo, Bing Beat Google in Search Success

experian-search-success-jul-11-sep-20111.JPGYahoo Search and Bing achieved the highest search success rates in July 2011, substantially outperforming Google. This means that for Yahoo Search, more than 81.36% of searches executed resulted in a visit to a website, essentially flat with the prior month.

Bing closely trailed with 80.04% search success in July, down 1% from 80.6% in June. Meanwhile, Google achieved a success rate of 67.56%, an increase of 1% from 66.63% the previous month. This means Yahoo had a success rate about 20% than that of Google, while Bing’s success rate was 18% higher. Experian Hitwise advises the share of unsuccessful searches highlights the opportunity for both the search engines and marketers to evaluate the search engine result pages to ensure that searchers are finding relevant information.

Google’s Search Lead Slightly Slips

experian-july-11-search-sep-2011.JPGGoogle accounted for 66.05% of all US searches conducted in the four weeks ending July 30, 2011, down 2% from 67.12% in June 2011. The combined Bing-powered search comprised 28.05% of searches for the month (up 1% from June), with Yahoo Search and Bing receiving 15.07% and 12.98%, respectively. Yahoo drove overall growth in Bing-powered search, rising 4% from 14.49% the previous month. In contrast, Bing lost 2% of its 13.19% search share in June.

The remaining 73 search engines in the Hitwise Search Engine Analysis report accounted for 5.9% of US searches during the month.

comScore: Yahoo Total Core Search Queries Grow 5%

Americans conducted 19.2 billion total core search queries in July (up 3% from 18.7 billion in June), according to comScore data. Google sites ranked first with 12.5 billion searches (up 3% from 12 billion), followed by Yahoo sites with 3.4 billion (up 5% from 3.3 billion) and Microsoft sites with 2.6 billion (down 3% from 2.65 billion).

Looking at the much smaller search engines which place number four and five in the comScore US search rankings, Ask Network delivered 494 million searches (up 3% from 478 million), followed by AOL, Inc. with 251 million (up 5% from 239 million).

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