CPG Clear Leader in Online Video Spending

August 18, 2011

yume-online-video-ad-spending-q1-2011-aug11.gifThe CPG channel is the clear leader in online video ad spending, according to [pdf] Q1 2011 statistics from online ad server YuMe. The YuMe Q1 2011 Video Advertising Metrics Report indicates the CPG category accounted for 28% of online video ad spending during the quarter.

Telecom, the number two category in terms of ad spend, accounted for about 11% of total spending. This means CPG outspent its closest competitor by about 2.5 times. Other leading categories were food & beverage (8%), auto (8%), and financial services (7%).

Females 25-54 Most Requested Demo

yume-online-video-demographics-q1-2011-aug11.gifFemales 25-54 was the most requested age demographic overall, representing 14% of total RFP (request for proposal) volume in Q1 2011. This represents a 27% increase from the 11% of total RFP volumes females in the age range represented in Q1 2010.

Overall persons 25-54 closely trailed, representing 12% of total RFP volume in Q1 2011, but this was a significant 33% drop from the 18% of total RFP volume represented a year earlier.

Females 18-49 came in third with 9% of total RFP volume, close to double the 5% of total RFP volume represented a year earlier, while females 25-49 slightly increased their total RFP volume share year-over-year from 3% to 4%.

Requests for female demo-targeted campaigns represented 32.5% of all requests during Q1 2011, more than double the 13.7% of requests aimed at a male demo. Females 25-54 were the top female demographic, representing 37.6% of all female-targeted campaign requests, followed by females 18-49 (22.9%).

Shorter Pre-Rolls Have Higher Completion Rate

yume-trends-aug-2011.JPGShorter pre-roll video ads had a higher completion rate in Q1 2011. 15-second pre-rolls had the highest completion rate of 69%, which was down 8% from 75% a year earlier. 30-second pre-rolls closely followed with a 66% completion rate, down slightly from 67% a year earlier. And 30-second-plus pre-rolls only had a 50% completion rate, down almost 30% from 71% a year earlier.

Despite these trends, YuMe data shows the percentage of pre-roll video ads running 30 seconds or more slightly grew year-over-year, while the percentage running 15 seconds slightly declined.

Completion Rates Rise among 12-49-Yr-Olds

yume-completion-aug-2011.JPGComparing video ad completion rates (regardless of length) of Q1 2010 and Q1 2011 by age demographic, the study finds rates dropped among persons 18-34, 25-54 and 35-54. Most significantly, the completion rate among 18-34-year-olds declined 13%.

However, among persons 12-24, the completion rate rose 9%, while among persons 25-49 it rose about 5.5%.

Other Findings

  • 92.4% of ads running on the YuMe network during Q1 2011 were pre-roll format.
  • 68% of pre-roll video ads were completed in Q1 2011, down slightly from 70% in Q1 2010.

IAB: Video, Search Ads Most Inspiring

Video and search ads are most likely to inspire viewer action out of several types of digital ads, according to [pdf] an August 2011 study from the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB). Data from “Affluent Consumers in a Digital World” indicates 41% of both video and search ad viewers have taken some type of action resulting from the ad in the past six months.

Following video ads in percentage of viewers inspired to action are email and web banner ads (37% each), social media ads (28%), and mobile/smartphone ads (17%). Overall, 59% of digital ad viewers have taken some type of action in the past six months.

About the Data: The statistics are solely representative of YuMe’s network and may not be a reflection of the overall online video marketplace. Efforts have been made to ensure the accuracy of data presented, but data is not guaranteed to be accurate.

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