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August 16, 2011

emarketer-display-ad-aug-2011.JPGGoogle’s share of US display ad revenues is expected to climb 12.6% this year to 16.7% next year, according to eMarketer estimates published in SEOBook. Yahoo will fall from second place this year (16.7%) to third place next year (16.4%), while AOL will fall from 4.4% to 3.7% but maintain fourth place. The only non-search engine in the top four ranking is first place social network, which will grow from 21.6% share to 23.8% share.

  • Methods including paid search landing pages, internal search results pages, and help sections can help optimize search conversion, according to Search Engine Watch.
  • It seems that the newest blackhat playground of user generated input annoyance is the “Place is permanently closed” radio button in Google Places, according to Blumenthals.
  • On average, the incremental ad clicks percentage for search ads across verticals is 89%, according to the Google Inside AdWords blog. This means a full 89% of traffic generated by search ads is not replaced by organic clicks when ads are searched.
  • Truly link building is speaking to a person and convincing them to take a real world action that is beneficial to you, according to the Daily SEO Blog.
  • Regardless of the impact of social shares and mentions, linkbuilding remains atop the SEO world as one of the most (if not the single most) important factors search engine algorithms use to determine exactly where they will rank a website, advises Trimark.
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