Top Viral Videos – July 2011

August 1, 2011

unruly-top-10-viral-videos-july-list-aug11.gifThe most-shared viral videos of July 2011 as tracked by Unruly Media included the usual blend of humor, athletic feats and cute kids, but was topped by an unusual and stealthy promotional clip for the upcoming 20th Century Fox film “Rise of the Planet of the Apes.” The video, which with about 702,000 shares during July had 75% more sharing activity than number two video “Crazy Marriage Proposal,” is a very realistic clip of what appears to be African militia members giving an AK-47 rifle to a chimp for amusement.

However, the chimp quickly displays tremendous aptitude with firearms, forcing the soldiers to flee, and proudly holds the gun over his head in a display of victory over the humans who had attempted to make sport of him. A small imprint at the bottom left of the screen indicating the video is from the “20th Century Fox Research Library” and a small logo of the film in the upper left hand side of the screen are the only indications this is a promotion and not actual footage.

Leave ‘Em Laughing

Humorous videos tend to do well on Unruly Media’s monthly top 10 lists, and July was no exception. The number two video was “Crazy Marriage Proposal,” footage of a Canadian groom-to-be proposing to his future bride during a rooftop party, only to fall over the side of the building after bobbling the engagement ring. When the horrified propose rushes to see what happened, she discovers her beloved has actually fallen into a large inflatable cushion and is safe and sound. In what may shock some female viewers, she still says yes and is even shown laughing in the video’s final scene.

Elements of humor are also present in the number three video, which is another product of Canada. Media company 2-D Photography, Inc. displays a lavish Rube Goldberg-type machine where a ball bearing travels through an endless assortment of gears and automated levers, all made from either common household objects, photography equipment or computer hardware, to reach its final destination.

In addition, the number five video, “Angry Birds Live,” which was number one in June, shows footage of actual video of a promotional event held in Barcelona, Spain in May. Angry Birds players are shown at a kiosk in a public square which broadcasts their gameplay on a giant screen, followed by the eruption of large plastic bird heads into the square (this video is better watched than explained).

Old Favorites Return

Three longtime favorite viral videos, all of which have shown up on various top 10 viral video lists going back roughly a year (including the lists compiled by goviral which MarketingCharts covered through September 2010), placed on the July list. These included one video full of cute babies on rollerblades (Evian’s “Roller Babies”), as well as a clip of the daring and dangerous automotive sport of Gymkhana from French footwear brand DC Shoes and footage of stunt BMX biker Danny MacAskill performing feats as he travels through his home country of Scotland.

Top 10 Most-shared Online Videos July 2011

1. 20th Century Fox – Ape with AK-47
2. Crazy Marriage Proposal – Guy Falls Off Building
3. 2-D Photography – Rube Goldberg
4. Google Chrome – Justin Bieber
5. T-Mobile – Angry Birds Live
6. Samsung – Unleash Your Fingers
7. Danny MacAskill – Way Back Home
8. DC Shoes – Gymkhana 3, Part 2
9. Evian – Roller Babies, International Version
10. The Google + Project – A Quick Look

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