Top Viral Videos – May 2011

May 31, 2011

There was a decided military angle to the list of 10 most-shared viral videos of May 2011 compiled by Unruly Media. Four of the top 10 videos had a military theme, although three took a decidedly humorous look at the ultraserious world of violent conflict.

Even Osama Gets a Laugh

Most surprisingly, a seatbelt awareness campaign managed to mine humor from the recent killing of global terrorist mastermind Osama Bin Laden by the US military. The video purportedly shows how Osama landed in his “watery grave,” by accident because the soldiers flying his body back via open helicopter forgot to buckle it up.

The Camera Store creates a mock battle scene consisting of rival photographers all trying to get shots in the same wooded area, while rock band IS Tropical creates a video for its song “The Greeks” consisting of little kids having a surprisingly deadly battle with their Nerf ball guns (the carnage is amped up with cartoonish special effects clearly designed to be humorous rather than disturbing).

The only non-humorous military-themed video, a trailer for the latest installment in the hugely popular “Call of Duty” military video game franchise, consists of amazingly realistic game footage.

Raising Melanoma Awareness

The most-shared video is a powerful video from the David Cornfield Melanoma Fund that begins with a series of adults advising their 16-year-old selves to do things like avoid whiskey and the new “Star Wars” trilogy. However, the video quickly reveals that all the adults are melanoma survivors, through graphic footage of spots on their bodies where melanoma lesions had to be surgically removed. The real message to 16-year-olds – don’t be foolish when it comes to sun exposure.

Romance Blooms, Withers

Both sides of romance are on display in two of the top 10 viral videos. A promotional clip for the fragrance Someday features teen heartthrob Justin Bieber in a fantasy sequence with an appreciative teen girl. And a short film from Wong Fu Productions, “Strangers, Again,” shows what happens when the two members of a couple have different priorities.

Top 10 Most-shared Online Videos May 2011

1. David Cornfield Melanoma Fund – Dear 16-Year-Old Me
2. Call of Duty 3 – Modern Warfare Reveal Trailer
3. Volkswagen – The Force: Volkswagen Commercial
4. T-Mobile – Royal Wedding
5. Seatbelt Awareness – Osama’s Watery Grave Captured
6. The Camera Store – Battle at F-Stop Ridge
7. Someday Fragrance Perfume – Justin Bieber Commercial
8. IS Tropical – The Greeks
9. Wong Fu Productions – Strangers, Again
10. Evian – Roller Babies International Version

AOL, CollegeHumor Get Biggest MOM Video Viewer Boosts

AOL Media Network and The CollegeHumor Network saw the largest month-over-month increase in unique viewers, up 13% and 11% respectively, among US online video brands in April 2011, according to data from The Nielsen Company. They placed sixth and seventh in the top 10 rankings.

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