1 in 3 Mobile Workers Check Email First

May 26, 2011

ipass-check-email-may-2011.JPGAbout one in three (35%) global mobile workers checks their email first thing in the morning before they do anything else, according to an April 2011 report from iPass. Data from the “iPass Global Mobile Workforce Report” indicates another 17% check their email after getting dressed, 13.5% check it after having morning tea or coffee, 10% check it after breakfast and 8% check it when they start their commute.

This means roughly a combined eight in 10 (83.5%) global mobile workers check their email before actually starting work.

Younger Workers More Anxious to See Email

ipass-check-email-age-may-2011.JPGThe younger the worker, the more likely they will check email first thing in the morning before they do anything else. Forty-four percent of those age 22 to 34 check email first thing, as do 39% of those ages 35 to 54. In contrast, 24% of those over the age of 55 don’t check email until they start their workday.

App Store Top Source of Biz Apps

ipass-mobile-biz-apps-may-2011.JPGMore than half of mobile workers purchased their mobile business applications from an application store, while 34% downloaded them from a PC and 25% had them preinstalled on their smartphone.Less than 20% have access through their browser, but not installed.

Laptop Most Popular Mobile Tool for Many Functions

ipass-favorite-device-tasks-may-2011.JPGFor the general mobile worker population, the laptop was the most popular choice for email (44%), video streaming (57%), document editing (87%), web conferencing (74%), and note taking in meetings (47%). However, owning a tablet changes mobile workers’ preferences for many of these tasks.

For example, among tablet owners the tablet is the top choice for note taking in meetings (48%) and video streaming (66%). Tablet owners still prefer laptops, but by smaller percentages, for document editing (80%) and web conferencing (64%). For both of these tasks, tablet owners have much higher rates for preferring tablets (15% compared to 8% for document editing and 26% compared to 15% for web conferencing).

Interestingly, tablet owners’ top choice for email, by a narrow margin, is the smartphone (35%). Laptop (33%) and tablet (30%) closely follow.

iPads Dominate Global Mobile Workforce

A combined 75% of global mobile workers who own a tablet own an iPad or iPad2, according to other iPass report data. The “iPass Global Mobile Workforce Report” indicates that about 63% of those workers own an original iPad. In a further sign of the stranglehold the iPad has on the global mobile workforce, the next-most-popular tablet brand for mobile workers is “other” (8.7%). The Blackberry Playbook follows with 6.4% penetration.

About the Data: The iPass Mobile Workforce Report is based on information from more than 3,700 responses to an iPass survey of mobile enterprise employees at more than 1,100 enterprises worldwide. The survey was conducted between April 1 and April 15, 2011, and represented employees across multiple age groups and geographies. The survey respondents were asked about their mobile productivity, work habits, and related experiences.

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