Hispanics Visit MySpace at Higher Rate

May 26, 2011

nielsen-social-ethnicity-may-2011.JPGWhile many observers have long been pointing out the decline of MySpace as a significant player in the social media world, Nielsen data shows that MySpace retains at least some relevance among one important consumer demographic. Hispanics are 54% more likely than average Americans to visit the MySpace website.

African-Americans, Asians Tweet More than Average

In other ethnic-related social media consumption data, Nielsen finds that African-Americans are 30% more likely to visit Twitter’s website than average Americans, while Asian/Pacific Islanders are 26% more likely than average Americans to visit the Twitter site.

In addition, Asian/Pacific Islanders are 59% more likely to visit the WordPress site and 41% more likely to visit the Blogger site.

Whites Have Most Online Video Streams, Least Streams, Time per Person

nielsen-online-video-ethnic-may-2011.JPGWhen it comes to online video, whites represent about 108.6 million unique monthly viewers, or about 78% of the total 139.2 million unique monthly viewers. This dwarfs the total unique monthly viewership of the other three main ethnic groups. Whites also hold a sizable lead in monthly total online video streams, about 8.8 billion, or 65% of the 13.6 billion total monthly streams.

However, whites only average 81 monthly streams per person, the lowest of any major ethnic group and about 250% less than the 283 average monthly streams per person among Asian/Pacific Islanders. In addition, whites only spend a monthly average of three hours and 44 minutes per month per person watching online video, about three times less than the monthly per person average of 10 hours and 39 minutes among Asian/Pacific Islanders.

Multicultural Multimedia Trends

African Americans are the heaviest TV consumers, watching six hours and 54 minutes a day, compared to the five hour and 11 minute average for all US households. More than 30% of African American households have four or more televisions, and they over-index in subscription to premium cable services. On their mobile phones, they use more voice minutes than other groups (1,261 minutes per month).

Hispanics are very active on their smartphones, texting the most out of all races/ethnicities (943 texts per month) and employing a wide range of mobile activities, including mobile banking. Smartphone penetration has reached 45%, matching only Asian-American usage levels in popularity.

Asians/Pacific Islanders are the most active PC and internet users, spending nearly 80 hours on PCs in February 2011 versus the national average of about 55 hours. They also consume more internet content than any other group, visiting 3,600 web pages in February 2011, about 1,000 more than their counterparts.

Although they watch the least amount of TV (three hours and 14 minutes per day), they stream the most online video, averaging 10 hours and 39 minutes in February, more than double the overall mean of four hours and 20 minutes.

BIGresearch: Hispanics More Likely to Use New Mobile Devices

Hispanic US adults are more likely to regularly use several new mobile devices than overall adults, according to the BIGresearch Simultaneous Media Usage (SIMM17) survey conducted from December 2010-January 2011. For example, 18.6% of Hispanic adults use a Blackberry, 37% more than the 13.6% of overall adults who do so.

About the Data: Nielsen Company NetView collected data using PCs and laptops from home and work locations in February 2011.

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