1 in 3 Smartphone Shoppers Often Accesses In-store Coupons

May 17, 2011

etail-smartphone-before-store-more-may-20111.JPGAlmost one in three (31%) US smartphone owners who use their device for shopping frequently/often access promotional coupons in-store for in-store redemption, according to [sign-in] a March 2011 study from the etailing group and Coffee Table. Data from “The ‘Shopping Mindset’ of the Mobile Consumer” indicates this is the most common in-store usage of smartphones, beating other popular activities such as looking for competitive pricing on Amazon.com (29%) and at other retailers besides Amazon.com (26%).

Twenty-six percent also check product ratings and reviews.

44% of Smartphone Shoppers Use Store Locator

etail-smartphone-before-store-may-2011.JPGForty-four percent of smartphone shoppers use a store locator app before entering a store. Other popular smartphone-based store information gathering activities include checking for sales and specials (40%) and looking for competitive pricing at Amazon (38%) or at other retailers (32%). Strong browsing of an online store for product of interest (37%), and seeking out product ratings and reviews (36%) also play an important role in this early shopping stage.

Awkwardness Top Smartphone Shopping Barrier

etail-smartphone-barriers-may-2011.JPGWhen asked to give reasons for not shopping more on their smartphones (more than one answer permitted), the highest percentage of respondents (49%) cited an awkward shopping experience. This was 36% higher than the second-most-popular barrier, concerns about credit card information (36%).

Other common responses include slow connection/connectivity (31%) and poor product image (26%).

4 in 10 Smartphone Shoppers Have No Recent Apps

etail-smartphone-shopping-apps-may-2011.JPGMore than four in 10 smartphone shoppers (43%) have not downloaded any shopping apps in the past year, and another 38% have downloaded one to five. Only a combined 6% have downloaded more than 10 shopping apps in the past year.

Other Findings

  • Smartphone browsers are evenly divided between heavy (daily/weekly) at 22%, monthly (28%) and intermittent (25%), or no usage at all (25%).
  • Sixty-four percent of broswers made purchases on their smartphones in the last six months; one-third did not make any purchases in this manner.
  • 84% of smartphone shoppers will spend somewhat more to about the same as current levels via their smartphones this year.
  • 32% of smartphone shoppers were very satisfied with their experience, 41% were somewhat satisfied and 24% were satisfied.

comScore: 18% of Smartphone Subscribers Use Mobile Check-in

About 7% of US mobile phone subscribers and 18% of smartphone subscribers used location-based “check-in” services on their phones in March 2011, according to comScore MobiLens data. In total, 16.7 million mobile subscribers, including 12.7 million smartphone subscribers (76% of the total), used location-based check-in.

About the Data: An online survey was fielded in February, 2011 targeting shoppers who spent $250 or more online annually; currently owning a smartphone and/or a tablet.

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