Apple iOS Users Have Most Apps, Use Most Frequently

May 3, 2011

nielsen-apps-android-ios-may-2011.JPGMobile app downloaders who use the Apple iOS platform have the highest average number of apps and are most likely to use them multiple times per day, according to data released in April 2011 by The Nieslen Company. Android users follow iOS users in both categories.

Apple iOS Users Average 48 Apps

Among Apple iOS users who download mobile apps, the average number of apps on their phone is 48. This gives Apple iOS users the highest average number of mobile apps by a wide margin; Android users follow with 35, a number which is 27% lower.

Users of no other mobile phone OS have an average number of apps anywhere close to either of these totals. Palm follows a distant third with an average of 21 mobile apps per user, well less than half the average number of apps held by the average iOS user.

7 in 10 iOS Users Employ Apps Multiple Times a Day

nielsen-app-usage-frequency-may-2011.JPGBeyond having the highest average number of apps, iOS users also have the highest rate (68%) of using those apps multiple times a day. Android again follows iOS with 60% of Android users who download mobile apps using them multiple times a day.

Palm, “other” and Blackberry all follow with virtually identical rates of users who download mobile apps using them multiple times a day, in the vicinity of 45%. Interestingly, users of the Microsoft Windows Mobile OS who download apps constitute the only group more likely to use their apps several times a week than several times a day. In all cases, the smallest percentage of users said they use their apps once a day.

Other Findings

  • Thirty-six percent of US mobile consumers now have smartphones.
  • Consumers with Apple iOS (iPhone) and Google Android OS mobile phones represent the majority of the smartphone market in the US and 74% of mobile app downloaders.

comScore: iOS Platform Outreaches Android across Mobile Devices

The Apple iOS platform, which resides on iPhones, iPads and iPod Touches, has a combined platform reach of 37.9 million among all US mobile phones, tablets and other such connected media devices, outreaching the Android platform by 59%, according to April 2011 comScore data. Meanwhile, comScore data indicates the Android platform has almost 23.8 million users across all devices.

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