Nintendo Wii Poised to Become Consumers’ Gaming-Console Choice

September 18, 2007

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The Nintendo Wii is positioned to become the consumers’ choice for next-generation gaming, as it appeals to the widely untapped casual gaming audience, according to BrandIntel’s “Top Video Game Console Report: Consumer Insight Monitor” report.

Based on analysis of consumer-created content, the report captures data from January 1, 2007 to July 24, 2007.

The study analyzed consumer sentiment and discussion share around next-generation gaming consoles – i.e., Sony PlayStation3 (PS3), Nintendo Wii and Microsoft Xbox 360 (Xbox 360).


While Xbox 360 currently holds the top spot with hard-core gamers, Wii has the highest intent to purchase scores and is appealing to a broader consumer base due to its price, innovation and ease of use, according to the study.


Key findings from the study include:

  • The Nintendo Wii generated very positive levels of appeal and brand image and came highly recommended by consumers.
  • While it generated the least discussion due to its relative maturity, the Xbox 360 received positive sentiment stemming mostly from an impressive game lineup, making it the choice console for gaming enthusiasts.
  • The PS3 generated high levels of discussion regarding its processing power and hard drive, but was perceived more negatively than the Wii and Xbox 360 due in part to its high cost and lack of attractive games.

“As the console war heats up again for the holiday season, Nintendo has been able to successfully target a new audience of casual gamers which has opened up new marketing and revenue opportunities for the company,” said Alan Dean, VP of Business Innovation at BrandIntel. “As the Nintendo Wii moves beyond the hype, consumers are looking for games that can compete with the bigger name titles produced by their competitors.”

About the study: BrandIntel tracked more than 437,000 raw search results on the internet but refined those results through technological filters and human analysis to more than 2,000 consumer mentions of next-generation video gaming consoles.

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