Smartphone Users More Digitally Active

March 22, 2011

exacttarget-digital-communication-by-device-mar11.gifSmartphone users are more likely than non-smartphone users to use other digital technologies, according to new findings from ExactTarget. For example, 45% of smartphone users check email constantly throughout the day, as compared to 28% of non-smartphone users.

This very high rate of constant email checking probably explains why non-smartphone users have a roughly 24% higher rate of daily email use (52% compared to 42%).

Smartphone Users More Tuned into Facebook

In addition, Facebook usage is considerably higher amongst smartphone users, with 23% checking Facebook constantly throughout the day, about double the 12% of non-smartphone users who do so. Furthermore, 32% of smartphone users check Facebook at least once per day, 14% higher than the 28% of non-smartphone users who are daily Facebook checkers.

Smartphone Users Twice as Likely to Constantly Check Twitter

Although only 5% of smartphone users check Twitter constantly, that is more than double the 2% of non-smartphone users who do so. Seven percent of both groups check Twitter daily, with 73% of smartphone users and 89% of non-users never checking Twitter.

Home Computer Top Facebook Tool

exacttarget-facebook-mar-2011.JPGSeventeen percent of Facebook users check Facebook constantly from a home computer, and 49% check Facebook daily from home. Facebook usage is relatively rare at work/school: only 4% constantly check Facebook from this location and 18% check it daily. Facebook usage is also rare from tablets, but 10% of Facebook users check constantly from a mobile phone and 16% do so daily.

Home Computer Also Top Email Tool

exact-email-mar-2011.JPGTwenty-four percent of email users check email constantly from a home computer, and another 63% check email daily from a home computer. These rates are much higher than those of any other email tool. For example, only 16% of email users constantly check email from a work/school computer and 22% check it daily. Rates are minimal for checking email via tablet, while 115 of email users check constantly from a mobile phone and 15% check daily.

comScore: Mobile SocNet Use Grows

Social networking is among the fastest-growing US mobile categories by total audience, according to a recent report from comScore. Data from “The 2010 Mobile Year in Review” indicates social networking reached 57.9 million US mobile users in December 2010, up 56% from a little less than 40 million in December 2009.

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