Pharma Benefits From Online Exposure

March 22, 2011

comscore-pharma-incremental-mar-2011.JPGExposure to online display advertising and branded websites provides a positive lift in awareness and favorability toward pharmaceutical brands, according to a new comScore study. Data from “Online Marketing Effectiveness Benchmarks for the Pharmaceutical Industry” also indicates visitation to branded websites provides the most significant lifts in prospect conversion and patient refills.

Branded Websites Most Effective in Driving Conversions

The study found that visitation to a branded website generated the greatest positive lifts in conversion. Existing patients increased their refill rate 15.5 percentage points more than those who did not visit the site. The percentage of prospects beginning treatment after visiting a branded site was 8.8 percentage points higher than prospects with no exposure to the branded site.

Exposure to Display Advertising Causes Increases in Brand Awareness and Favorability

comscore-incremental-brand-awareness-mar-2011.JPGThe study also found that exposure to online display advertising and branded websites have a positive impact on awareness and favorability among both prospects and patients. For prospects, exposure to a display ad increased both aided and unaided brand awareness by 2.8 and 1.8 percentage points, respectively.

The impact is greater for exposure and interaction with rich media ads, showing a 3.1-percentage point increase for aided brand awareness and a 5.5-percentage point increase for unaided brand awareness. For patients, favorability was increased only by exposure and interaction with rich media ads, showing a 4.1-percentage point lift.

Branded Sites Also Drive Awareness, Favorability

Apart from online advertising, branded pharma websites also continued to have a significant impact on awareness and favorability among patients and prospects. Prospects exhibited a 16.9-percentage point lift in favorability after visiting a branded website, while patients reported a 15.6-percentage point lift.

Pew: 8 in 10 Web Users Look for Online Health Data

Eight in 10 US internet users look online for health information, making it the third most popular online pursuit among all those tracked by the Pew Internet Project, following email (94%) and using a search engine (87%), according to a recent study from the Pew Internet Project. Since one-quarter of adults do not go online, the percentage of online health information seekers is 59% among the total US adult population.

About the Data: The study was conducted in conjunction with marketing innovation consultancy Evolution Road LLC and included results from exposure to banner ads, rich media, search marketing and branded sites, both among patients and prospects. The study examined data from surveys conducted over the past few years and comScore’s permission-based one million person US panel.

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