Mobile Local Market Targeting Grows 15%

March 10, 2011

millennial-targeted-marketing-jan-11-mar-2011.JPGLocal market targeting as a mobile campaign tactic by members of its network grew 15% month-over-month in January 2011, according to the January 2011 SMART Report. Forty-one percent of January 2011 mobile marketing campaigns featured local market targeting, up from about 35% in December 2010.

Demographic Targeting Retains Lead

Demographic market targeting retained a growing lead as the preferred mobile campaign targeting tactic in January 2011 (up 7% from 42% to 45%). The remaining 14% of mobile campaigns used behavioral targeting, down 26% from 19% the prior month.

Fifty-four percent of mobile marketing campaigns during January 2011 were broad reach and 46% used targeted audience reach.

8 in 10 Campaigns Run Cross-Platform

millennial-quick-stats-jan-11-mar-2011.JPGEight in 10 (81%) mobile marketing campaigns run on the Millennial Media network in January 2011 ran cross-platform. About one-third (35%) saw month-over-month app impression growth.

In addition, 13% of advertisers used rich creative content in their mobile marketing campaigns during the month, and 10% of campaigns used three or more targeting methods.

Mothers’ Day Top Upcoming US/UK Mobile Mktg Event

millennial-holidays-jan-11-mar-2011.JPGBoth US and UK mobile marketers rank Mothers’ Day as their top upcoming marketing event. However, US and UK marketers have widely divergent priorities after that. In the US, mobile marketers rank Memorial Day (which has no UK equivalent) as number two and Fathers’ Day as number three.

Meanwhile, UK marketers rank the royal wedding (which has no US equivalent but is of interest to some US consumers) as number two and Football Association (FA) Cup as number three (this British soccer tournament also has no US equivalent but does interest some US consumers).

Other Findings

  • The top three campaign goals for Millennial Media network mobile marketers in January 2011 were brand awareness, drive traffic, and join/download/purchase.
  • The top five publisher categories ranked by number of impressions were mocial (mobile social), entertainment, weather, sports, and news/information.

Close to Half of US Mobile Subscribers Use Mobile Media

In December 2010, nearly 47% of mobile subscribers in the US were mobile media users (browsed the mobile web, accessed applications, downloaded content or accessed the mobile Internet via SMS), up about 17% from the previous year, according to a new report from comScore. Data from “The 2010 Mobile Year in Review” indicates the growth in mobile media usage is largely attributable to the growth in smartphone adoption, 3G/4G device ownership and the increasing ubiquity of unlimited data plans, all of which facilitate the consumption of mobile media.

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