Android Takes Lead in Smartphone OS Share

March 4, 2011

nielsen-manufacturer-os-share-smartphones-mar11.gifWhen it comes to US consumer marketshare by operating system, Android (29%) appears to be pulling ahead of RIM Blackberry (27%) and Apple iOS (27%), according to new Nielsen Company analysis of January 2011 data. But an analysis by manufacturer shows RIM and Apple to be the winners compared to other device makers, since they are the only ones creating and selling smartphones with their respective operating systems.

HTC, Motorola Follow in OS Share

HTC follows with 12% of consumer smartphone owners having an HTC Android device and 7% owning an HTC device running a Microsoft OS. Ten percent of consumer smartphone owners had a Motorola Android device and 1% owned a Motorola device running a Microsoft OS.

The other device manufacturer representing a significant percentage of consumers using a smartphone with the Android OS is Samsung (5%). Two percent of consumers also use a Samsung smartphone running Microsoft OS.

Ten percent of consumer smartphone owners use a device running Microsoft OS. The Palm/Web and Symbian operating systems combined only account for roughly 8% of the US smartphone market.

Android Skews Younger

nielsen-age-and-os-system-smartphones-mar11.gifOf the three most popular US smartphone operating systems, Android seems to attract more young consumers. About 21% of Android users are 18-24 (representing six of Android’s 29 share percentage points), compared to about 15% of RIM Blackberry and Apple iOS users (four of 27 percentage points each).

The youngest adult consumers segment is where Android has a notable edge on its two chief rivals. Percentages of all other age brackets are fairly similar.

comScore: Google 2nd-Biggest Smartphone OS in ’10

The rapid adoption of Google Android mobile devices during 2010 made Google the second-largest smartphone operating system (OS) in the US by the end of the year, trailing only market leader RIM, according to a new white paper from comScore. “The 2010 US Digital Year in Review” indicates that among smartphone OS platforms, RIM retained its lead with 31.6% market share in December 2010 (although decreasing roughly one-quarter from 41.6% the previous year).

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