Android Provides More than Half of Smartphone Impressions

February 17, 2011

millenial-media-device-os-mix-jan11-feb11.gifSmartphones running the Android OS provided more than half (54%) of total smartphone impressions recorded on the Millennial Media network during January 2011, according to the latest Millennial Mobile MIX report. iOS came in a distant second with about half the impression rate of Android (28%).

The only other smartphone OS to account for a significant share of smartphone impressions during January 2011 was third place RIM (provider of the Blackberry platform) with 14%.

Smartphones Equal 2/3 of Millennial Mobile Device OS Mix

Looking at the mixture of mobile device operating systems running on the Millennial network during January 2011, data shows that two-thirds (66%) were running on a smartphone OS. Another quarter (25%) were feature phones, and the remaining 9% were connected devices, such as tablet computers.

Apple Leading Mobile Device Manufacturer

millenial-media-top-15-device-manufacturer-jan11-feb11.gifReviewing the manufacturers of all mobile devices running on the Millennial network during January 2011, Apple comes out the clear leader, having manufactured about 26% of them. HTC grew 36% in January to claim the number two position in the top 15 manufacturers ranking with a roughly 21% share. Millennial data indicates this growth is tied to the significant number of HTC devices in the top 30 mobile device ranking (see below).

Samsung (15%), RIM (11%) and Motorola (9%) rounded out the top five manufacturers by share of mobile devices.

Apple, HTC Dominate Top 10 Mobile Devices

millenial-media-top30-mobile-jan11-feb11.gifAmong the top 10 mobile devices running on the Millennial network during January 2011, Apple provided three (including the top two) and HTC provided four. Samsung provided two and RIM provided one.

Among the top 30 mobile devices, HTC led all manufacturers with eight, followed closely by Samsung with seven. Blackberry provided five, while share leader Apple provided three.

Touchscreen Devices Dominate Input

millennial-device-input-mix-jan-11-feb-2011.JPGRating mobile devices on its network during January 2011 by input type, Millennial found that slightly more than half (51%) were touchscreen input, with 19% having a combination touchscreen/QWERTY and QWERTY input. Keypad devices accounted for 11% of the total.

Wi-Fi, Verizon Lead Carriers

A combination of all the Wi-Fi carriers on the Millennial network carried 23% of mobile devices during January 2011. Verizon came in second (and first among specific carriers) with a 20% share. Sprint-Nextel (13%) and T-Mobile (11%) followed.

comScore: Android Share Jumps 34%

While Google Android remained the second-most-popular US smartphone platform in the three-month-average ending December 2010 with 28.7% market share, that share improved about 34% from 21.4% in the three-month-average ending September 2010, according to recent comScore data. In contrast, number one RIM saw its market share drop 15%, from 37.3% to 31.6%.

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