iPhone Users Most Loyal

January 21, 2011

zokem-mobile-platform-loyality-ranking-jan11.gifThe iPhone platform scores 84% higher in loyalty ratings than the nearest competitor, Google Android, according to Mobile Life Panel data from mobile analytics provider Zokem. The only smartphone platform with a net promoter score (NPS) exceeding what is generally considered a good score of 60 among current US owners is iPhone, at 73%.

Google’s Android platform comes in a distant second (40%), followed by Samsung’s Bada-based phones (33%) and then RIM’s Blackberry phones (30%). It is notable that two big-name players, Nokia and Microsoft, received very low loyalty ratings for their own platforms. Also Palm’s WebOS, sold to HP during year 2010, did not achieve a very high NPS score.

9 in 10 Palm Pre Owners Likely to Switch

zokem-mobile-platform-churn-jan11.gifLow loyalty correlates with higher churn, meaning the likelihood to shift to a competing platform during the next 12 months. For example, Palm Pre, which had a 10% NPS score, has a leading 91% churn rate. Nokia Mameo, which had a -36 NPS rating, has a 69% churn rate.
On the other side of the coin, iPhone has a low churn rate of 29%, while Google Android’s 44% churn rate basically matches its NPS score.

iPhone, Blackberry, Android Owners Plan Repeat Purchases

zokem-mobile-platform-repurchase-jan-2011.JPGCurrent users of iPhones (85%), Blackberries (61%) and Android (89%) devices are all more likely to buy a similar device in the future, rather than to change to a competing platform. The results are quite contrasting regarding Palm (15%) and Symbian (8%) phones, which Zokem says reflects the fact that the weak platforms of today might be even weaker in the future.

Android Claims #1 Smartphone Platform Position

Android surpassed iOS as the most popular US smartphone platform for the first time in December 2010, according to the most recent Mobile Mix report from Millennial Media. Mobile Mix data indicates 46% of smartphones running on the Millennial network used the Android platform, while 32% used iOS. The only other smartphone platform with a substantial share was RIM (16%).

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