Non-gaming Use of Consoles Common

December 15, 2010

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nielsen-game-console-use-dec10.gifVideo game consoles are being used for purposes other than gaming by high percentages of owners, according to new data from The Nielsen Company.

As expected, most owners of Microsoft Xbox 360, Sony PlayStation 3 and Nintendo Wii consoles use them to play video games, with offline gaming much more common than online gaming.

7 in 10 PS3 Owners Watch Blu-ray

However, about seven in 10 (72%) PlayStation 3 owners watch Blu-Ray discs on their consoles, almost equaling the percentage who play video games (80%).

PlayStation 3 is the only one of the three major video game consoles with Blu-Ray capability; however, a smaller but still significant 43% of Xbox 360 owners watch DVDs with their consoles.

Activities which one in five or more owners of all three systems participate in are watching a video on-demand streaming subscription service and using the internet for browsing, social networking and watching online video. Only 8% of Nintendo Wii owners listen to CDs, MP3s or other online/purchased music, compared to 23% of both Xbox and PlayStation 3 owners.

Only Half of Net PS3 Time Spent Gaming

nielsen-console-share-dec-2010.JPGOnly about half (49%) of average net PlayStation 3 user time is spent online and offline gaming, compared to 62% of Xbox user time and 69% of Wii user time. High Blu-Ray usage results in 27% of average net PlayStation 3 user time being spent doing this activity. Wii users stand out with a rate of watching video on-demand/streaming service (20%) double that of Xbox or PlayStation 3 users.

Users 13-plus Spend Most Time on PS3

nielsen-console-weekly-hours-dec-2010.JPGVideo game users 13 and older spend 4.9 total hours per week on the Xbox 360, 6.1 hours on the PlayStation 3 and 1.4 hours on the Wii. Males drive these averages for all three consoles, surpassing females in time spent. The differential between average male and female time spent is smallest for the Wii (1.7 hours for males compared to 1.1 hours for females, meaning males spend about 54% more time) and largest for the PlayStation 3 (5.2 hours for males and 2.1 hours for females, meaning males spend about 148% more time).

Tweens Influence Video Game Purchases

High percentages of consumers age 8-12 indicate they will influence the purchase of handheld video games (35%) and video game systems (31%) in the next month, according to new data from Harris Interactive.

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