22M US Mobile Users Watch Video

December 9, 2010

The number of US mobile subscribers 13 and older watching video on their mobile devices in Q2 2010 reached 21.9 million, according to new data from The Nielsen Company.

Mobile Video Users Rise 43% YOY

This number reflected about a 43% increase in mobile video users from about 15.3 million in Q2 2009. Compared to 20.3 million mobile video users in Q1 2010, the number rose almost 8%.

During the same time period, the number of US mobile phone subscribers 13 and older rose much more modestly, just 4% from 220.5 million in Q2 2009 to 229.4 million in Q2 2010. nielsen-mobile-video-users-minutes-dec-2010.JPG

Mobile Video Users 13-17 Spend Most Time

The average monthly time spent by mobile video users, three hours and 37 minutes, has stayed flat from Q1 2010 and risen about 11% from three hours and fifteen minutes in Q2 2009. Breaking down average monthly time spent by age, mobile video users 13-17 spend by far the most: Seven hours and 13 minutes.

Mobile video users 18-24 have the next-highest monthly time average, four hours and 20 minutes, while users 25-34 match the overall average. Users 65 and older have the lowest monthly time average of one hour and 48 minutes. nielsen-mobile-video-age-dec-2010.JPG

1 in 3 Mobile Video Users is 25-34

Roughly one in three (30%) mobile video users is age 25-34, making this the age bracket representing the largest percentage of the total mobile video user population age 13 and older. Those 35-49 follow with 25%, trailed by those 13-17 with 18%. Only 2% of this population is 65 or older.

Looking at gender composition, males make up slightly more than half (55%) of the total mobile video user population age 13 and older.

Bigger Screens Promote Video

Resulting from what previous Nielsen analysis identifies as the iPad’s larger screen, iPad users show substantially higher download rates for video content than iPhone users. One-third (33%) of iPad users regularly access TV shows, three times the 11% of iPhone users who do so. And the 32% of iPad users who regularly access movies is virtually three times the 12% of iPhone users who regularly access movies.

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