3 in 10 Mobile Subscribers Have Smartphones

November 2, 2010

nielsen-smartphone-os-share-q3-nov10.gifTwenty-eight percent of US mobile subscribers have smartphones as of Q3 2010, according to data from The Nielsen Company.

In addition, 41% of recent mobile phone acquirers have smartphones.

iPhone OS Makes Strides

Among US smartphone owners, the Apple iPhone OS has practically caught up to the market-leading RIM Blackberry OS, with 28% and 30% marketshare, respectively. Meanwhile, Google’s Android OS is now at 19% and growing.

Android has shown the most growth out of major smartphone operating systems since Q4 2009 (when it held less than 5% marketshare). Apple iPhone grew much less dramatically in that time, from about 25%.

Meanwhile, RIM Blackberry has seen its marketshare dip from more than 35% since Q4 2009, while Microsoft Windows Mobile has gone from a 20% to 15% share of the US smartphone market.

Among those who chose a device in the last six months, however, Android took the lead in Q3 2010, while RIM Blackberry and Apple iPhone are practically tied for second place.

Half of Android Owners Younger than 35

nielsen-smartphone-android-age-q3-nov10.gifHalf of adult Android owners fall into the 18-to-34 category, substantially more than number two Apple iPhone (43%). In addition, 21% of Android owners are 35-44. RIM Blackberry has the lowest percentage of 18-to-34-year-old users among major smartphone OS providers (38%).

However, Apple has the most total users younger than 45 (29% of smartphone users in the 18-to-34 and 35-44 age brackets use the Apple iPhone OS). In comparison, RIM Blackberry has the most users 45 and older (33% of 45-54, 34% of 55-64, and 33% of 65-plus).

Smartphone Owners More Diverse

nielsen-smartphone-age-by-os-q3-nov10.gifSmartphone owners in the US are more diverse than featurephone owners. One in five smartphone owners is Latino, compared to just 9% of featurephone owners.

Overall, 62% of US smartphone owners and 76% of US featurephone owners are white. Slightly higher percentages of smartphone owners than featurephone owners fall into the Asian/Pacific Islander and Black/African-American ethnic categories.

comScore: Android Grows 51%

nielsen-smartphone-diversity-q3-nov10.gifUS marketshare for Google smartphones, primarily represented by Android, grew 51% between May and August 2010, from 13% to almost 20%, according to recent comScore data. Although Android remained in third place, the other top four smartphone platforms all lost marketshare.

Most notably, number one smartphone platform RIM (provider of the BlackBerry platform) lost almost 10% of its US marketshare, dropping from almost 42% to about 38%.

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