Moms Text at Home, Use Apps Elsewhere

October 28, 2010

A majority of moms who own mobile phones text at home, but use mobile applications outside the home, according to the September 2010 S.M.A.R.T. Report from Millennial Media.

Moms More Likely to Be Mobile at Home
Study results show that a majority of mom mobile phone owners perform most mobile activities at home. For example, 66% most often send and receive text messages at home, while 57% most often listen to mobile music at home and 53% most often play mobile games at home.

However, at home/away performance of mobile internet and video activity among moms is equal (50% each). And a strong 71% of moms do most of their mobile application activity outside the home.


In addition, 32% of moms owned a smartphone in Q2 2010, a 60% increase from 20% in Q2 2009; while 32% used the mobile internet once a week in Q2 2010, also a 60% increase from Q2 2009.

Almost Half of Mobile Ads Send Traffic to Site
In Q3 2010, 46% of mobile ads sent traffic directly to a site, while 33% sent traffic to a custom landing page. Only 21% led to an application download.


Slightly More than Half of Mobile Ads are Broad Reach
Fifty-six percent of mobile ads were broad reach in Q3 2010, with the other 44% targeted. Of targeted mobile ads, 42% targeted the audience geographically. The only other targeting technique that came close to geographic targeting was demographic targeting (37%).


Entertainment, Retail Ad Verticals Jump in Mobile Popularity
Looking at the most popular mobile ad verticals in Q3 2010, the most notable change from the previous quarter was entertainment jumping from number three to number one. Telecommunications stayed at number two, while retail/restaurant climbed from number seven to number three. Meanwhile, portals and directories fell from number one in Q2 2010 to number five in Q3 2010.


Comparing year-over-year revenue growth of different mobile ad verticals from Q3 2009 to Q3 2010, finance grew 802%, the highest growth rate among the top 10 verticals. Retail and restaurants followed with 745% annual revenue growth.

Other Q3 2010 Findings

  • 12% of mobile advertisers used rich media creative.
  • 1.02 ads were requested per average page view.
  • The average mobile ad user had 128 monthly page views.
  • The average mobile ad session time was four minutes, 46 seconds.

US Leads in Mobile Social Networking, IM
A comScore cross-market analysis of mobile activities in the US, Europe and Japan revealed significant differences among consumers by geography. Out of the three markets, in June 2010 social networking/blogs reached the greatest percentage of mobile users in the US at 21.3%, followed by Japan at 17% and Europe at 14.7%.

Perhaps reflecting the slower adoption of advanced mobile technology in the US as compared to other global markets, social networking and instant messaging (17% reach compared to 12.6% reach in Europe and only 3.3% reach in Japan) were the only major mobile activities where the US had a significant lead.

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