Netbook Shoppers Consider Other Mobile Devices

October 25, 2010

Consumers researching online data about netbook computers for possible purchase are also considering other devices, according to analysis from Compete.

Aspire One Shoppers Research Handsets, Other Netbooks
Analyzing online research habits of consumers considering purchase of the popular Acer Aspire One netbook as part of a two-year AT&T data plan, Compete found that 13% also researched the Apple iPhone 4 mobile handset.

In addition, 6% researched the Palm Pixi Plus mobile device and 5% got information on the Apple iPhone 3GS handset. Consumers also viewed data on competing netbooks; for example 11% researched the HP Mini 110 and 8% looked up the Samsung GO.

HP Mini 110 Shoppers Also Consider Smartphones
Consumers considering purchasing an HP Mini 110 netbook as part of an AT&T two-year data plan demonstrated a slightly different cross-shopping pattern. Thirty-seven percent researched a competing netbook, the Samsung GO.


However, a still significant 15% looked up the Samsung Captivate mobile device and 11% researched the iPhone 4. The Samsung a777, a refurbished feature phone offered free with a two-year AT&T data plan, also proved popular with prospective Mini 110 buyers (13%).
In addition, 13% of potential HP Mini 110 shoppers researched the Pantech Ease mobile computing device.

Smartphones, Mobile Devices Pose Serious Netbook Threat
Compete notes that these results, collected in September 2010, reflect long-term trends rather than a one-month spike in smartphone and smaller mobile device interest among prospective netbook buyers. Considering that smartphones not only offer 3G mobile web browsing but also mobile entertainment and file storage in an interface that feels less like an inconveniently small computer and more like a conveniently powerful phone, and that tablet computers are rapidly growing in popularity, Compete advises that netbook sales may drop.

More Americans Own Mobile Phones than Computers
A higher percentage of US adults owns a mobile phone than owns a computer, according to new data from the Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project. Pew data indicates that 85% of Americans now own a cell phone. Cell phone ownership rates among young adults have reached 96% of 18-to-29 year olds. Meanwhile, three-quarters (76%) of Americans own either a desktop or laptop computer. Since 2006, laptop ownership has grown dramatically (from 30% to 52%) while desktop ownership has declined slightly.

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