Apple Dominates US Mobile Device, Phone Markets

October 12, 2010

Apple led all mobile device and phone manufacturers in US market share during August 2010, according to Millennial Media Mobile Mix data.

Apple Shines in Market Share
Apple was the leading mobile device provider in the US in August 2010, taking a substantial 28% of the US market. Samsung followed a distant second with 15% market share. In other noteworthy developments, Motorola passed RIM to become the third-largest mobile device manufacturer in the US in August 2010, holding 14% market share to RIM’s 11% market share.


Motorola has not placed third in US mobile device manufacturer market share rankings since October 2009 and Millennial Media research indicates the popularity of the Motorola Droid device is driving this growth.

Apple also dominated the US mobile phone market in August 2010 with 28% market share. No other manufacturer even reached double-digit market share, Motorola Droid came in second with 9% market share.

Touchscreen, Wi-Fi Prove Popular
About two-thirds (65%) of US mobile devices featured touchscreen input in August 2010. Another 25% were QWERTY input devices, accounting for almost all remaining devices.


Meanwhile, looking at mobile carrier popularity in August 2010, Wi-Fi packages from multiple carriers accounted for 23% of the US market. The most popular individual carrier was Verizon (16%). Beyond these two carrier options, the market was split fairly evenly, with every other carrier earning from 9-11% of the market (counting “Other” as one carrier, with 11%).

Smartphones Represent Half of US Mobile Devices
Fifty-one percent of US mobile devices ran on a smartphone OS in August 2010. Another 33% were feature phones.


Among smartphones, iOS was by far the most popular platform, with 48% US market penetration, another strong showing for Apple. Android devices accounted for another 26% of the market and RIM devices took 19% of the market.

BlackBerry Users Valuable Demographic
Millennial Media uncovered some statistics regarding Blackberry users indicating they are a valuable demographic for marketers to target:

  • 53% of BlackBerry users have a college degree.
  • The average income of BlackBerry users is 13% higher than the smartphone average.
  • 43% of BlackBerry users have $100,000-plus annual household income.
  • 65% of BlackBerry users are employed full-time.
  • BlackBerry overindexes for female teenagers in the smartphone category.

Android Market Share Grows 51%
US market share for Google smartphones, primarily represented by Android, grew 51% between May and August 2010, from 13% to 19.6%, according to comScore. Although Android remained in third place, the other top four smartphone platforms all lost market share.

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