Facebook Snares Second Spot in US Online Video Rankings

October 4, 2010

Facebook leapt past Yahoo to become the site with the second-highest number of US online video views in August 2010, according to comScore VideoMetrix data.

Facebook Exceeds 58M Video Viewers
Facebook.com jumped one position to capture the number two spot with 58.6 million viewers, for a total of 243 million viewing sessions. This means about 33% of 177.6 million total US online video consumers in August 2010 watched at least one online video on Facebook.


Meanwhile, Yahoo closely trailed with 53.9 million viewers, attracting 30.3% of the total audience. Yahoo also trailed Facebook in viewing sessions with 229 million, but had a higher minutes per viewer average (31.6 compared to 20.5).

Google continued its long-standing domination of the US online video market in August, largely due to its ownership of the extremely popular YouTube video site. Google had 146.3 million unique viewers (82.4% of the total audience), 1.9 billion viewing sessions, and a 269.5 minutes per viewer average.

Hulu Generates Most Video Ad Impressions, Highest Frequency
Americans viewed more than 3.8 billion video ads in August, with Hulu generating the highest number of video ad impressions at 790 million. BrightRoll Video Network ranked second overall (and highest among video ad networks) with 469 million ad views, followed by Tremor Media Video Network (442 million) and Microsoft Sites (234 million).


Video ads reached 45% of the total U.S. population an average of 28 times during the month. Hulu delivered the highest frequency of video ads to its viewers with an average of 30 over the course of the month.

Other Findings

  • 85.1% of the total US internet audience viewed online video.
  • The duration of the average online content video was 4.8 minutes, while the average online video ad was 0.4 minutes.
  • Video ads accounted for 10.7% of all videos viewed and 1% of all minutes spent viewing video online.

US Leads Online Video Viewing
The US is the leading region for viewing online video from most sources, according to a new white paper from Brightcove and TubeMogul.

Findings from “Online Video & The Media Industry” show that US viewers watched the greatest amount of online video content for the longest periods of time across the broadcast, magazine, music video and radio verticals. In particular, US viewers accounted for more than 50% of magazine total views with a leading average of 3:44 minutes per view, and had a substantially higher average minutes per view average (1:24) than any other region.

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