Brits Send Most Texts

August 26, 2010

Ninety percent of UK mobile subscribers sent at least one mobile text message in June 2010, according to new MobiLens data from comScore.

UK Leads Many Mobile Phone Activities
Out of the EU5 nations of UK, France, Germany, Italy and Spain, the UK leads in performance of many mobile phone activities. While the EU5 average for sending a mobile text to another phone was 82.9% in the three-month average ending June 2010, the UK average was 90.6%. Italy trailed with a 79.6% average.


The UK also led in using applications (including native games), 41.5% compared to 35.8% overall. France significantly lagged at 26%. Another 36.7% of UK mobile subscribers used a browser, compared to 25.9% overall and only 20.4% in Germany.

In addition, the UK led in accessing social networking sites or blogs (23.8% compared to 14.9% EU5 and 8.9% Germany) and accessing news (36.5% compared to 29.7% EU5 and 23% Germany).

Spain Leads Advanced Phone Usage, Music
Spain led in usage of both smartphones (31.6% compared to 25.7% EU5 and 17.9% France) and 3G (56.1% compared to 44.8% EU5 and 39.6% France). Spain also led in listening to mobile music (31.1% compared to 24.5% EU5 and 21.3% France).

Italy Leads Mobile Dating
In the three months ending June 2010, about 10.97 million EU5 mobile subscribers visited a mobile dating site. Italians led mobile dating site usage, with 3.35 million users, or 30.5% of the total. This also represented 7.1% of all Italian mobile subscribers, which was the highest reach rate of any EU5 nation.


In this category, the UK lagged with 1.71 million visitors, 15.6% of the total and 3.5% of all UK mobile subscribers.

Mobile Music Rises in EU5
The total number of mobile music users in the EU5 countries of Europe has grown 10% in the last year, according to other recent data from the comScore MobiLens service.

There were 54 million mobile music users in the EU5 nations of UK, France, Germany, Italy and Spain during the three-month average ending March 2010. This represents a 10% increase from the three-month average ending March 2009. During the three-month average ending March 2010, 23.8% of EU5 mobile users listened to music on a mobile device.

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