Marketers Educate via Video

August 24, 2010

Video is well-used by marketers, mostly for educational purposes, according to a new study from King Fish Media, Hubspot and Junta 42.

Video Content Shared Widely
Data from “Social Media Usage, Attitudes and Measurability” indicates that 61% of marketers use video content on their own websites, while another 56% use video content on third-party video-sharing sites. This indicates that a majority of marketers are willing to sacrifice some measure of control over their video content distribution and management in order to reach as wide an audience as possible.

Marketers also show limited openness to different video platforms. Thirteen percent use video content in emails, and 7% use video content on mobile devices. While the future of email is somewhat unclear, it seems fairly likely the percentage of marketers distributing video content via mobile device should substantially grow in the next several years.


Video as Teaching Tool
Almost three-quarters (72%) of marketers use online video for education about their products and services. Education is far and away the leading marketing usage of video content, with only 34% of marketers using it to bring executives and employees to life, the next-most-popular usage.

Other, less popular uses for video content among marketers include replacing webcasts (13%), as email communication (12%), and replacing in-person meetings (8%). Video presence technology is rapidly developing in scope and sophistication, meaning video content as a replacement for in-person meetings will likely become more popular in the near future.

Men Spend More Time Viewing Online Video
Although gender rates for viewing online video are similar, men spend more time watching, according to a new study from comScore. “How Women Are Shaping the Internet” indicates that in nine countries and Hong Kong, virtually the same percentage of online males and females watch online video. In every instance, roughly 80% of both online men and women watch online video.

While rates of watching online video are similar, and in some areas women actually watch at a slightly higher rate, in all 10 areas researched by comScore men spend much more time on average watching online video than women. In the US, men watch more than 15 hours of online video per month, roughly triple the average time spent by women.

About the Data: The survey was created by King Fish Media and hosted online by from April 15 to June 1, 2010. Email invitations were sent out directing respondents to the survey by King Fish Media and the two survey co-sponsors: HubSpot and Junta 42. In addition, the link was sent out via social networking sites Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. The survey was completed by 457 respondents primarily split between corporate management and marketing/sales management. The data was compiled and tabulated by Datastar.

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