North Americans Watch Less Online Video at Work

August 23, 2010

North American online consumers are much less likely than the global average to watch online video at work, according to a new study from The Nielsen Company.

Asia-Pacific Leads Online Video Consumption at Work
Online video has extended video consumption to the workplace. Globally, 57% of respondents report having watched online video on their computer at work, according to results from “How We Watch.” This percentage is higher amongst younger consumers who have grown accustomed to accessing video whenever, wherever they want it.


Breaking down at-work online video consumption by region, online consumers in the Asia-Pacific region are most likely to watch online video on the job with an Index of Video Consumption on Computer at Work Index score of 128. This means Asia-Pacific online consumers are 28% more likely than the global average to have watched online video at work in the past 30 days.

Middle East/Africa/Pakistan (MEAP) follows with an index score of 119, and Latin America has an index score of 112. Two regions, Europe (67) and North America (60) have index scores well below the global average. Nielsen attributes lower scores in these two regions to the fact that many employers in Europe and North America have put filters and policies in place to restrict video consumption by workers on the clock.

Asia-Pacific Nations Dominate Top 10 Country List
Looking at the countries where employees are most likely to view online video while working, seven of the top 10 are located in the Asia-Pacific region, including the top five. China leads all countries with an index score of 151. The Latin American nation of Mexico ranks sixth with an index score of 132, while the MEAP nations of Saudi Arabia and Pakistan are also in the top 10 index score list.


Russia leads all European nations with an index score of 114, tying it in 17th place with the Latin American nation of Venezuela. The US and Canada are ranked at numbers 44 and 45 with index scores of 60 and 56, respectively. The European nation of Denmark places last of all 55 nations surveyed with an index score of 16.

North America, Europe Lag in Online Video
North America and Europe lag other global regions in online video viewing in general, according to other results from “How We Watch.”

North America comes in below average with a score of 89, while Europe lags well behind the average with a score of only 77. Globally, the study finds that 70% of online consumers watched video via the Internet in March. Penetration is predictably highest among younger consumers.

About the Data: Nielsen conducted a global online survey of 27,665 online consumers ages 15 and up in March 2010.

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