Top 10 Viral Videos – July 2010

August 9, 2010

Only two sports-themed videos made video content distributor goviral‘s list of the top 10 viral videos for July 2010.

After dominating the top 10 lists for much of the first half of the year in 2010, sports-themed videos only snared three spots on goviral’s top 10 viral video list for June 2010. In July 2010, only two of the top 10 videos could be considered primarily sports-themed. Both videos, a promotion for the Coca-Cola energy drink Burn and a video of a wipeout by the owner of California Skateparks, focused on the sport of skateboarding.

Humor was the dominant theme in July. Videos of the “Old Spice guy” performing impossible feats, nerds engaging in a rap battle, a dimwitted redneck hunter, friendship among rival Pepsi and Coke delivery drivers, and a spoof of the “Old Spice Guy” with a studious star all relied on humor to get their message across.

The top 10 picks for July, with links to view on YouTube:

1. Old Spice – Questions (and Responses), agency: Wieden-Kennedy;
2. Levi’s – Walk Across America, agency: Conscious Minds;
3. Dentyne Pure: Epic Rap Battle, agency: Rhett & Link / Platinum Rye / PainePR;
4. Burn (Coca-Cola) – Ride, agency: Publicis Mojo;
5. Samsung – Redneck Hunter Goes to Jail, agency: Cheil Worldwide;
6. Domino’s Pizza – Domino’s Pulling the Cheese; agency: Crispin Porter & Bogusky;
7. PepsiMax – Diner 2PointZero, agency:TBWA/Chiat/Day;
8. California Skateparks – World’s Largest Skateboard Disaster, agency: N/A;
9. Harold B. Lee Library – New Spice/Study Like a Scholar, agency: N/A;
10. HP – Hit Print, agency: N/A

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