Men Spend More Time Viewing Online Video

August 6, 2010

Although gender rates for viewing online video are similar, men spend more time watching, according to a new study from comScore.

Men Generally Watch Online Video at Higher Rate
“How Women Are Shaping the Internet” indicates that in nine countries and Hong Kong, virtually the same percentage of online males and females watch online video. In every instance, roughly 80% of both online men and women watch online video.


The percentages are identical in France, and slightly more women watch online video in Germany and Hong Kong. But in the US, Australia, Canada, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore and the UK, slightly more men watch online video.

Men Spend Significantly More Time
While rates of watching online video are similar, and in some areas women actually watch at a slightly higher rate, in all 10 areas researched by comScore men spend much more time on average watching online video than women.


In the US, men watch more than 15 hours of online video per month, roughly triple the average time spent by women. Similarly wide discrepancies exist in the other three countries where online video consumption is the heaviest: Canada, Germany, and the UK.
The discrepancy is smallest in Malaysia, where both genders average less than five hours of online video per month.

Women Prefer YouTube
In each area, however, women spend a much higher share of their time watching videos on YouTube than men. Even in areas where YouTube is not the leading online video provider (e.g., Hong Kong and Japan), women are still far more likely to watch a video on YouTube than on any other video property.


For example, YouTube accounts for an average of 36% of female online video consumption in the US, more than 50% greater than its 22% share of male online video consumption. The smallest discrepancy exists in Hong Kong, where YouTube accounts for 32% of female online video consumption and 29% of male consumption.

Although YouTube is certainly apt to capture the bulk of video minutes for any demographic, women seem to be less likely to watch video from other sources.

US Online Video Streams Jump in June
More than 10.2 billion videos were streamed in the US in June 2010, a 1.3% increase from the number of streams in June 2009 and nearly a 4% jump from the previous month’s figures, according to data from The Nielsen Company.

In total, 136.2 million Americans viewed 10.2 billion video streams in June 2010, an average of 74.9 streams per viewer. The average US internet user spent 194.6 minutes watching online video during the month.

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