Women Share Photos Online

August 3, 2010

Women surpass men in every age group in both reach and time spent on photo sites, according to a new study from comScore.

Women, Men Show Consistent Online Photo Sharing Rates by age
“How Women Are Shaping the Internet” indicates that categorized by age, women and men show a consistent online photo-sharing pattern with heavier usage among the youngest and middle-aged consumers. In addition, women hold a fairly consistent higher usage rate by a few percentage points in each age bracket.

For example, about 50% of women age 15-24 share photos online, compared to roughly 45% of men. This figure dips by a few percentage points for women in the 25-34 and 35-44 brackets, with men recording a larger drop between 25-34 and 35-44. Both genders then show a slight uptick in usage among 45-54-year-olds, with another drop among those age 55 and older.


Women Spend More Time
Similarly, women spend more time than men on photo-sharing sites than men across every age bracket, although fluctuation of this statistic by age differs slightly between the sexes.

Women age 15-24 have a clear lead in average time spent per month, exceeding 40 minutes in April 2010. Men in this age group also spent the most average time per month by far on photo-sharing sites, exceeding 30 minutes in April 2010.

However, women ages 25-34 and 35-44 spend virtually the same amount of average monthly minutes on photo-sharing sites (roughly 25), with women 55 and older spending closer to 30 average monthly minutes. In contrast, men age 45-54 and 55 and older spend virtually the same amount of time on these sites (a little more than 20 minutes), while men age 35-44 spend a little less than 20 minutes per month.

North Americans Share Most Photos
Photo sites are most popular in North America, with 63% of women and 57.3% of men visiting them in April 2010. Latin America, which Nielsen says is notable for its large online population of young urbanites, shows high reach and usage of these sites despite relatively low broadband penetration in most parts of the region.


Only Asia is notable in its significant lag in the use of photo-sharing sites among both men and women, which Nielsen says mirrors the relatively low reach of social networks there. Worldwide, 46.5% of women and 41.5% of men visit photo-sharing sites.

Women Spend More Time Online
In addition to spending more time visiting photo-sharing sites, women spend more time online in general than men, according to other results from “How Women Are Shaping the Internet.” The average 15-plus female spends 8% more time online than her male counterpart. In April, the global average was 24.8 hours per month for women, compared to 22.9 hours for men.

Looking at time spent by women 18 and up compared to men of the same age by region, Asia-Pacific has the widest gap. Women spend an average of 17.9 hours per month online, 7.2% more than the 16.6 average hours spent online by men.

North America is the one region where men spend slightly more time online per month than women. Men average 38.6 monthly hours, 2.6% more than the average 37.6 monthly hours spent online by women.

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