28% of US Mobile Web Users Go Online Daily

June 2, 2010

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Twenty-eight percent of US mobile phone users access the mobile internet at least once a day, according to a recent consumer survey conducted by ABI Research.

Overall Mobile Web Access Rises
Overall mobile internet access rose between December 2008, when the previous ABI Research mobile internet study was conducted, and February 2010, when the most recent study was conducted. The percentage of mobile phone users who have mobile internet access but don’t use it fell from about 30% to about 20%. In addition, the percentage who don’t have mobile internet access on their phone fell from about 28% to about 22%.


Meanwhile, the percentage mobile phone users who access mobile internet sites from their phones dramatically increased from 16% to 28%. And the percentages of mobile phone users who perform mobile internet access more than once a week but less than once a day, about once a week, and more than once a month but less than once a week all rose. The percentages who perform mobile internet access about once a month and less than once a month both fell.

Other Findings

  • 27% of mobile phone users accessing the mobile Internet have clicked on a mobile banner ad or text link, up from 21%.
  • Resistance to receiving promotions such as coupons and discounts on the mobile phone is eroding: About 45% of respondents, while not enthusiastic, would accept promotions if they had some control over the process. By contrast, only about 36% would accept these types of mobile promotions in the earlier survey.
  • Consumers remain guarded about using their mobile phones to make purchases, with 76% saying that security around such transactions is a major concern, an increase from 71% in the previous survey.

Smartphone Owners Lead Daily Mobile Web Access
Smartphone owners, men, and consumers younger than 40 are most likely to access the internet via mobile phone at least once a day, according to other survey results from ABI Research. About 50% of smartphone owners did so. Not surprisingly, this made smartphone owners the consumer demographic most likely to perform daily internet access with a mobile phone. In addition, close to 40% of both men and consumers younger than 40 performed daily internet access with a mobile phone.

About the Data: ABI Research surveyed 1,003 US consumers about their mobile internet usage in February 2010.

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