Web Users Receive 1.1T Display Ads

May 13, 2010

US web users received 1.08 trillion online display ads in Q1 2010, according to comScore AdMetrix data.

This represents 15% growth from 944.4 billion online display ads received by US web users in Q1 2009. Total U.S. display ad spending in Q1 reached an estimated $2.7 billion, with the average cost per thousand impressions (CPM) equal to $2.48.


“Following a severe ad recession that began in late 2008 and continued through the first three quarters of 2009, we’ve been seeing a strong resurgence in the online display ad market,” said Jeff Hackett, comScore SVP. “The first quarter of 2010 posted strong volume in online display ads, coinciding with increasing expenditure from advertisers and higher CPMs for publishers. This pickup in activity should bode well for the online advertising industry as we move forward in 2010.”

Facebook Tops among Ad Publishers
Social networking site Facebook.com led all online publishers during Q1 2010 with 176 billion display ad impressions, representing 16.2% market share.Yahoo Sites ranked second with 132 billion impressions (12.1% market share), followed by Microsoft Sites with 60 billion impressions (5.5% market share) and Fox Interactive Media with 53 billion impressions (4.9% market share).


Telecoms Lead Display Advertisers
AT&T led telecom competitor Verizon as the top online display advertiser in Q1 2010 with 26.3 billion impressions, accounting for 2.4% of display ads. Verizon held the second position with 21.9 billion (2%), followed by Scottrade Inc. with 16.4 billion (1.5%), Experian Interactive with 15.6 billion (1.4%), and another telecom, Sprint Nextel Corporation, with 10.1 billion (0.9%).


Digital Display Ads Set for Innovation
The digital display advertising market is innovating on several fronts right now, according to 2010 digital media predictions released earlier this year by comScore.

These innovations include the emergence of new ad units that promote higher engagement, cutting edge ad targeting techniques, the development of niche audience ad networks, and the increasing popularity of online ad exchanges to buy and sell inventory. Each of these developments is contributing to the improved allocation and effectiveness of digital ad campaigns. Marketers must maintain a critical eye on the performance of their campaigns, in relation to how both digital media and traditional media components are performing.

About the Data: Display ads include static and rich media ads; excludes video ads, house ads and very small ads less than 2,500 pixels in dimension.

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