Tax, Gaming Sites Lead Category Growth

March 22, 2010

Tax and online gaming sites were the top-growing online site categories during February 2010, according to comScore Media Metrix.

April 15 is Getting Closer
As the April 15, 2010 filing deadline for income taxes nears, US web users continue to visit tax sites. The tax category attracted about 32.1 million users in February 2010, a 12% increase from about 28.8 million users in January 2010.


Web Users Play Games
Whether they were seeking a diversion from their tax bills or inclement winter weather, many US web users frequented online gaming sites last month. A total of about 90.8 million users visited online gaming sites in February 2010, 9% more than the 83.4 million who played internet-based games in January 2010.

Love is in the Air
The February 14 Valentine’s Day holiday may have played a role in several category traffic increases last month. E-card and flower/gift./greeting sites both experienced 7% monthly growth in web users. In addition, personals site saw a 5% uptick in monthly traffic.

Web Users Seek Info, Earnings
The top two gaining individual online properties last month were both informational in nature. The top-growing property,, provides often humorous definitions of slang and pop culture terms. Its traffic grew 134%, from about 5.4 million users in January 2010 to 12.6 million users in February 2010.


The property with the second-highest growth,, allows users to ask and answer personal questions. had its monthly traffic increase 124%, from about 2.9 million users to 6.5 million users.

The property with the third-highest growth,, saw its monthly traffic increase 36%, from about 11.6 million users to about 15.7 million users. provides pay-per-click advertising to websites.

Tax, Travel Sites Lead Category Growth in January 2010
Tax, travel and career resource sites were the top-growing online site categories during January 2010, according to previous results from comScore Media Metrix. As mentioned above, the tax category attracted 28.8 million visitors in January 2010, growing 351% from December 2009. In addition, the travel-ground/cruise category grew 30% in January 2010 to 14 million visitors.

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