Facebook, Google Lead Third-party Logins

March 10, 2010

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During the second half of 2009, internet users signing into web sites using third-party logins preferred Facebook and Google by wide margins, according to user management platform provider JanRain.

Google Leads All Third-Party Logins
Analyzing the behavior of users performing third-party login to the roughly 173,000 websites using the JanRain RPX turnkey solution, Google is the clearly preferred third-party site, representing 37.4% of total logins. Facebook follows with 26.6%.


Facebook, Yahoo Lead among Media Logins
Strictly analyzing user preferences for performing third-party login to media companies, Facebook is the leader, representing 38% of sign-ins. Facebook’s dominance of media sites is not quite as strong as Google’s overall dominance, however. Yahoo came in second with 30.5% of third-party logins, followed by Google with 25.9%.


JanRain analysts note that Facebook and Yahoo both allow users to publish content or activity from a website back to their friends and contacts on each network, thus it is not surprising that these providers are more popular on media websites.

Facebook Dominates Tech Platform Logins
When it comes to logging into technology platforms (comprising customer feedback/support tools as well as white-label social network/community platforms), Facebook clearly dominates with 41.1% of all third-party logins. Google comes in second with 29.2%. Twitter comes in fourth with a 17.4% user share, far better than its single-digit results for overall and media company third-party logins.


Google, Facebook, Yahoo Lead Site Traffic
The popularity of Google, Facebook and Yahoo for third-party website logins is not surprising considering they are the three most popular sites in terms of US visitor traffic, according to compete. Google, which has been the number one website in terms of US visitor traffic since February 2008, held that position in January 2010 with about 140 million unique visitors.

However, Facebook drew about 133.6 million unique US visitors. This was enough unique visitor traffic to put Facebook ahead of Yahoo, which attracted about 132 million unique US visitors during the month.

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