1 in 3 Want to Keep Watching New Movie Releases At Home Post-Pandemic

March 2, 2021

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TiVo Consumer Activities Post Pandemic Mar2021There are a few activities that adults did prior to the pandemic that they may be doing less of even after COVID-19 is under control and people can go back to what was considered normal a year ago. A Q4 2020 report [pdf] from TiVo finds that one such activity is going to see a movie in a theater.

Generally, many of the more than 4,500 US and Canadian adults (18+) surveyed do not appear to be keen to engage in activities that involve possible crowds in the same manner they did prior to the pandemic. Indeed, respondents were slightly more likely to say they’ll reduce their visits to indoor shopping malls (42%), indoor restaurant dining (42%) and concert or theater performance attendance (42%) than said they’ll go back to pre-pandemic levels for those activities (40%, 40%, and 41%, respectively).

An even larger share (44%) of respondents said they would go to see movies in a theater less than they did before COVID-19. Instead, 31% say they are interested in viewing new movie releases at home even after the pandemic is over, and 29% are interested in paying to view a new movie release at home. Additionally, other research reveals that younger adults (ages 18-34) are more likely than older adults to be willing to pay to stream a new release movie at home.

Additionally, data provided by Hub Entertainment Research shows that the ability to watch new release movies at home is a driver for adding a subscription video service. HBO Max, which will be showing new releases from Warner Brothers at the same time they are released in theaters this year, saw its share of new subscribers who subscribed to any new TV subscription service increase between November (7%) and December (13%) when the announcement was made. Additionally, 12% of those who added HBO Max said they did so to watch theatrical movies.

The TiVo report can be downloaded here.

About the Data: TiVo research was based on a Q4 2020 survey of 4.526 adults (18+) in the US and Canada.

Hub Entertainment research is based on a November-December 2020 survey of 2,000 US consumers (ages 16-74) who watch more than 1 hour of TV per week conducted

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