Who Were the Most Frequent Moviegoers in 2019?

March 31, 2020

MPA Demographic Frequent Moviegoers Mar2020Three-quarters (76%) of North Americans are moviegoers, buying 1.24 billion movie tickets in 2019. So, who are these moviegoers and who’s going to the movies most frequently? Here’s what the THEME Report for 2019 from the Motion Picture Association (MPA) has revealed.

Last year, more than half (54%) of the population of the US and Canada (ages 2+) went to the cinema less than once a month, per the report. These occasional moviegoers made up half (51%) of the total tickets sold in North American in 2019. However, 47% share of tickets sold were purchased by just 11% of North Americans, with these considered frequent moviegoers (those who go to the cinema once a month or more).

Adults ages 25-39, who represented 21% of the US population and one quarter (24%) of moviegoers, accounted for an outsized 27% of the frequent moviegoing population. While this is an impressive share of frequent moviegoers, it’s outdone by younger groups: 12-17-year-olds and 18-24-year-olds combined made up only 17% of the population and one-fifth (20%) of moviegoers, but together accounted for 26% of the frequent moviegoing population.

It comes as no surprise, then, that Millennials and Gen Xers are far more likely than their older counterparts to attribute purchase influence to cinema ads, according to MarketingCharts research.

When it comes to ethnicity, Caucasian/White individuals comprised a smaller share of the frequent moviegoing population (55%) then of the total population (61%). Hispanics/Latinos, on the other hand, constituted just less than one-fifth (18%) of the population – about one-third that of Caucasians – but accounted for one-quarter (26%) of the frequent moviegoers (about half that of Caucasians). The above-referenced MarketingCharts research also found that both Black Americans and Hispanic Americans reported higher purchase influence from cinema ads than did White Americans.

Going to the movies is not the only form of entertainment that a high percentage of Hispanic seem to enjoy. In the US, separate research from MarketingCharts (available to purchase) shows that Hispanics are one-fifth (21%) more likely than average US consumers to listen to online radio.

To read more, the full report can be downloaded here.

About the Data: Based on a representative survey fielded in January 2020 of 8.032 US adults (18+). Where respondents indicated the presence of a child in the household, they were asked to provide estimates of the child’s frequency of move attendance.

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