Behind the Curve: Week Ended Oct. 9, 2009

October 9, 2009

Below are some links to recent research news, studies and lists from the collection of items that MarketingCharts didn’t get to writing up this week, but still may be worth a peek:

Most Employers Probibit Social Networking Sites

Boston Residents Prefer Cellphones to Sex

Favorite US Football Teams: Dallas Cowboys Top List

Working Moms Busy, But Happy

Facebook, SocNets May Be Making Youth Too Social

One-third of of B2B Marketing Budgets Allocated to Exhibitions

Social Networking Demographics Update

Economy Affects Gay, Lesbian Disclosure in Workplace (pdf)

High-Powered Women More Likely to Jump Ship in Financial Crisis

Men with Educated Wives Live Longer

Most Mexicans See Better Life in US

Out-of-Home Revenue Down 18% in Q209

Embarrassing Observations Workers are Willing to Point Out to Their Co-Workers

45th Parallel Design Ad

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