Mobile Junkies Hard to Reach with Other Media

August 3, 2009

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The majority of US mobile users who watch mobile video at least once a week spend more time using their mobile device than they do their computer and represent a unique audience that may not be reachable with other digital media, according to a study from Transpera, conducted by InsightExpress.

The study, which measured consumers’ reliance on mobile devices for information, found that 62% of mobile video viewers use their mobile phone more than they use a computer to browse the internet, vs. just 9% of the non-mobile video viewers.

Media Preferences of Mobile Video Viewers

These avid mobile video viewers report their media preferences and behaviors as follows:

  • 78% rely on their mobile phone for up-to-the-minute information, vs. only 19% of those who never viewed mobile video.


  • 71% prefer to receive information via mobile internet, vs. just 13% of those who don’t view mobile video.
  • 58% get more of their news from the mobile phone than any other source, vs. only 10% of those who have never viewed mobile video.
  • 50% spend more time away from computers than in front of them, vs. the reported 21% of those not watching mobile video.

Mobile Video Viewers Desirable Ad Targets

Transpera also suggested that the typical avid mobile video viewer has an average higher income, travels and eats out more and may more attractive to certain brand advertisers than the profile of someone who has never viewed mobile video:

  • 75% of avid mobile video users eat out of the home two or more times a week, vs. 47% of the non-mobile video watchers.
  • 59% of the avid mobile video users have spent more than 5 nights in a hotel in the past year, vs. 34% of the none-mobile video watchers.
  • 40% of the avid mobile video users earn more than $75K annual income, compared with only 25% of the non-mobile video watchers.

“These types of consumer surveys are key to understanding the potential of the mobile medium to not only reach a highly desirable consumer base, but to have a genuine impact and influence on users,” said Joy Liuzzo, director of Marketing & Mobile Research for InsightExpress. “We are seeing a new breed of media consumers that are using mobile to supplement or replace their previous digital media consumption.”

A recent study by the Pew Internet & American Life Project found that internet video viewing is growing, as is mobile video viewing.

About the survey: Reported data is the result of InsightExpress Research on Research Consumer Insight Survey. Data is based on a sample of 3,720 consumers surveyed through InsightExpress’s eRDD technology. Some 60% of the avid mobile video users in the study were male.

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