Marketers’ Favorite Way to Keep Track of Their Competitors’ Email Programs Is…

October 25, 2016

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edatasource-marketer-views-email-competitive-tactics-oct2016Marketers are using a variety of email marketing competitive tools and tactics, but none are as popular as simply signing up for competitors’ newsletters, according to a survey from eDataSource and The Relevance Group (TRG) [download page]. This is considered the most important competitive tactic used, edging analyst and market research services and tools that provide engagement and performance data.

When it comes to competitive intelligence applications (CIAs), 38% of respondents said they currently use an application that allows them to view their competitors’ email performance data. Another 52% reported interest in using such a tool.

Among those using a CIA, roughly one-third or more report improvements across open rates (34%), understanding of optimal message frequency (34%), click-through rates (33%), understanding of what works for competitors (33%) and average order value (33%), per the report.

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For B2C marketers, MarketingCharts research indicates that email marketing is one of consumers’ purchase influencers, trailing only consumer reviews, TV ads, and word-of-mouth. Email also has the highest median ROI of any direct media, according to this year’s DMA Response Rate report.

About the Data: The report describes its methodology as follows:

“In June 2016 The Relevancy Group conducted a survey that resulted in 468 completed and qualified advertising and marketing executives. We qualified respondents based on the size of their customer database, email sending volume, familiarity of their company’s marketing efforts, and other attributes such as the individuals’ role/title. Respondents self-identified their company size and market sector category. We collected descriptive information about these organizations including revenue, email marketing, CRM and Advertising. The survey utilized skip ordering and randomization and screener questions. The survey design and final analysis was developed by a team TRG of analysts.”

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