These Are Considered the World’s Most Innovative Market Research Suppliers

August 19, 2019

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The majority of buyers and suppliers of market research have a positive outlook about the industry. Indeed, the latest GRIT report [access page] indicates that 7 in 10 of those purchasing market research have an upbeat view (16% ‘very optimistic’ and 54% ‘optimistic’) of what the future holds, with a similar share of providers (20% ‘very optimistic’ and 47% ‘optimistic’) feeling the same way.

This cheerful demeanor may be due to the opportunities that are present within the field. Based on an analysis of 2,880 interviews conducted globally, the report’s authors found some of the most commonly cited emerging areas to include artificial intelligence, research automation and innovation-related methods.

So which market research suppliers are the most innovative? To find this out, respondents were asked to list up to 5 companies which they considered the most innovative and to choose the top company overall. They were then asked to choose one of 5 categories to describe these firms: data and analytics provider; full and/or field service agency; qualitative research provider; strategic consultancy; and, technology provider.

Below are the top 10 firms, ranked by the number of mentions in the interviews, along with breakouts for particular areas.

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Top 10 Most Innovative Market Research Suppliers

The only new entrant to this year’s top 10 was Qualtrics, with the other firms having swapped places in the table. The top 10 overall (with 2018’s rank in brackets) were listed as:

  1. Ipsos (up from #2 in 2018)
  2. Kantar (down from #1)
  3. Nielsen (up from #4)
  4. LRW (up from #10)
  5. Zappi (up from #9)
  6. Hotspex (up from #8)
  7. System1 Group (down from #3)
  8. Qualtrics (up from #13)
  9. Dynata (down from #5)
  10. Insites Consulting (down from #7)

Most Innovative Market Research Suppliers, By Category

As this report was the first with category breakouts, rankings for last year are not included.

Data and Analytics

The top 5 providers were listed as:

  1. Nielsen
  2. Kantar
  3. Dynata
  4. LRW
  5. Ipsos

Full and/or Field Service

The top 5 providers were listed as:

  1. Ipsos
  2. Kantar
  3. Nielsen
  4. Hotspex
  5. LRW

Qualitative Research

The top 5 providers were listed as:

  1. Ipsos
  2. Kantar
  3. Hotspex
  4. Remesh

Strategic Consultancy

The top 5 providers were listed as:

  1. LRW
  2. Hotspex
  3. Kantar
  4. System1 Group
  5. Insites Consulting

Strategic Consultancy

The top 5 providers were listed as:

  1. Zappi
  2. Qualtrics
  3. Voxpopme
  4. LivingLens
  5. Remesh

The full report can be accessed online here.

About the Data: Rankings are based on 2,880 completed interviews with insights buyers or clients (29% share) and insights providers or suppliers (71% share).

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