Content Sharing on Dark Social Channels, by Category

December 2, 2014

RadiumOne-Content-Sharing-Dark-Social-by-Category-Dec2014Source: RadiumOne [download page]

    Notes: Some 84% of global online consumers aged 16 and older report sharing content online, per a Radium One survey, and almost one-third claim to do so exclusively via Dark Social channels (such as sharing links in emails, instant messages and forum posts that aren’t tracked by web analytics). Based on an analysis of RadiumOne user data, the company notes that 69% of all sharing happens via Dark Social, with this figure highest for arts and entertainment (84%) content and lowest for pet-related (13%) content.

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        About the Data: The RadiumOne survey was conducted in October 2014 by Tpoll among 9,027 consumers aged 16 and older. The Dark Social data is based on global and regional sharing data across 900 million monthly online unique users from August 1-28, 2014. data is generated by users who share Web content using the RadiumOne sharing widgets and short URL software.

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