Mobile Site Engagement Rising; Small Biz Steady

August 15, 2012

mofuse-mobile-site-engagement-may11-jun12-august2012.pngSmall business mobile websites on the MoFuse network averaged 3 page views per visit from July 2011 to June 2012, according to [download page] a report released by MoFuse in August 2012. This compares to the 3.8 average for all mobile websites across the network. Although average page views per site across the network appears to be on the rise, up from 3.4 in June 2011 to 4 in May 2012, small business mobile website engagement shows no significant growth over the past year. The average page views per visit for these mobile sites has ranged from a low of 2.51 in December to a high of 3.13 in April 2012.

On a more positive note for these small businesses, most are leveraging the important click-to-call feature: 80.4% of the small business mobile sites surveyed included this feature.

Govt Sites Lead in Engagement

When looking at page view activity across the overall sample of 22,481 mobile sites, the study found that engagement varies widely across industries. Government led all categories with an average of 22.4 page visits per site, followed by TV/radio (19.4), restaurants/dining (13.9), and publishers (11.9).

Retail sites were in the middle of the pack, with average page visits of 6.8, with religious and spiritual organizations (3.7) languishing at the bottom of the list.

Mobile Browsing Peaks in the Evening

Data from MoFuse’s “State of the Mobile Web 2012” indicates that mobile browsing is lowest in the 4 AM-8 AM period for every day of the week, but begins growing after that to reach its peak between 5 PM and 8 PM. However, there are some significant discrepancies when breaking the data down by business and lifestyle category.

For example, the largest proportion of time spent browsing business services sites takes place from 8 AM to 12 PM, while time spent with legal services sites spikes between 12 PM and 5 PM. Restaurants and dining traffic shows a dramatic spike between 5 PM and 8 PM, at roughly 40% of all daily time spent during that time period. For retail, the results are more evenly distributed, with the morning hours (12 AM to 8 AM) generating the lowest amount of time spent, and the evening hours the highest. This aligns with a July 2012 report from Adfonic, which found that retail advertisers on the mobile network see the highest CTRs in the evening.

Other Findings:

  • According to the MoFuse report, in terms of the top 3 smartphone operating systems by share of page views, Android leads, followed by Apple and RIM.
  • Kindle mobile web browsing is flat, while browsing via the Barnes & Noble Nook is surging.
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