Some Restaurants Advertising on Mobile Turn to Promotions to Drive Foot Traffic

June 21, 2013

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MillennialMedia-Restaurants-Mobile-Ad-Post-Click-Campaign-Action-Mix-in-Q12013-Jun2013Restaurants’ mobile advertising campaigns are overwhelmingly focused on driving foot traffic, reveals Millennial Media [download page] in its latest SMART report. In order to do so, they’re employing a variety of post-click campaign actions that differ significantly from the average advertiser. For example, they were almost 5 times as likely as the average mobile advertiser to use retail promotions as part of their campaigns (35% vs. 7%), with one UK chain using mobile coupons to drive store traffic. Unsurprisingly, restaurants also made use of site search (72% using, versus 24% on average) and store locators (83% vs. 15%) in their campaigns.

For a vertical so heavily focused on foot traffic (that objective represented 81% of their overall campaign goals), it’s also not surprising that restaurants relatively ignored campaign actions such as application download (2% vs. 45% average) and mobile commerce (1% vs. 12%), although one might have expected more to use place call features (<1% using).

Per the report, the top 5 audiences engaging with restaurant ads in Q1 were:

  • DIYers;
  • Travelers;
  • Music fans;
  • Casual gamers; and
  • Bargain hunters.

Whereas in the past, Millennial Media had lumped the retail and restaurant verticals into one category, they’ve separated them for the purpose of this and future reports. In Q1, restaurants counted as the 10th largest global advertising vertical on the Millennial Media network, and retail the 4th-largest.

About the Data: The data is based on the top 750 campaigns on Millennial Media’s platform in Q1 2013.

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