1 in 2 Mobile Users Say They’ve Deleted An App Over Privacy Concerns

August 15, 2016

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MEFAVG-Actions-Taken-Response-to-App-Privacy-Concerns-Aug2016Some 85% of mobile media users across 8 countries report having taken some type of app-related action as a result of concerns over their privacy and security, according to a new report [download page] from the Mobile Ecosystem Forum (MEF), carried out in association with AVG Technologies. The most common action was to delete an app, as noted by 52% of respondents.

Close to 4 in 10 reported having stopped using an app, while 21% had left a negative review or warned a friend and 15% had downloaded a competitive app.

Indeed, trust continues to be the biggest obstacle to the mobile ecosystem, per the report, which asked respondents to identify the main reason why they don’t download or use more mobile apps and services. In combination, trust-related issues accounted for 36% share of responses, led by not wanting to give up personal information (14% share) and not trusting the security (13%).

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As for personal information sharing, the survey notes that fewer respondents this year say that a lack of trust completely prevents them from buying, downloading or using apps. However, there’s been a concurrent rise in the proportion of respondents who say they’re not happy to share their personal information but feel no choice in the matter if they want to use the app.

Overall, almost half (47%) would pay a premium for an app that didn’t share their personal information.

In other highlights from the report:

  • Social media apps are the least trusted, a finding in line with other research demonstrating low trust in social platforms;
  • Financial information is perceived to be the most sensitive form of information, although it’s worth noting that separate research finds banks to be highly trusted with data; and
  • The inability to find a privacy policy is the leading reason for consumers losing trust in an app.

About the Data: The report is based on a survey carried out by On Device Research in Q3 2015 of more than 5,200 mobile media users in 8 countries: Brazil; China; France; Germany; India; South Africa; the UK; and the US.

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