Mobile Ads Seeing Higher Click Rates In-App Than On Web

July 24, 2013

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Opera-Mobile-Ad-CTR-In-App-vs-Web-July2013Mobile ads served within applications tend to see higher click-through rates (CTRs) than those served on the mobile web, according to an Opera analysis of 378 campaigns running in the US during May. Looking first at rich media ads, the report shows that users were about 37% more likely to click on an in-app ad than on a mobile web ad (1.53% vs. 1.12%). The gap was slightly less pronounced for standard banners, with in-app ads averaging a 0.39% CTR, about 22% higher than the 0.32% seen by mobile web ads.

Overall, in-app ads had a click rate roughly 71% higher than mobile web ads (0.58% vs. 0.34%). While they tended to be more engaging, in-app ads represented a minority 42% of campaigns and 44% of impressions.

Nothing To See Here: iOS Still Tops For Mobile Monetization

Among mobile platforms, Apple’s iOS again led in monetization performance on Opera’s platform during Q2, as it has for several quarters now. Together, iOS devices accounted for almost 44% of traffic and an outsized 49.4% of revenue, compared to 31.2% and 28.1%, respectively, for Android devices.

Much of the difference in impressions between the operating systems could be attributed to the iPad and the iTouch, which contributed about 13% of impressions for the quarter, as the iPhone (30.9%) and Android phones (30.6%) were roughly on par in impression share. The iPhone did account for a considerably larger percentage of revenues than Android phones, though (36.4% and 27.8%, respectively).

Other Findings:

  • Music, video and media kept its hold as the top category for impression volume, but sports overtook the category to become the leading vertical in terms of total revenue generation, driven by the opening of the Major League Baseball season.
  • Business and finance generated the highest revenue per impression yet again.
  • 49.3% of ad requests came from the US, down from 50.7% in Q1 and 60% in Q4 2012. Europe (21.2%) and Asia-Pacific (15.9%) drove the next-largest amount of ad requests.

About the Data: The data is based on aggregated information obtained from the Opera Mobile Ad Platform and Opera Mobile Ad Exchange servers for Q2 2013. The data presented represents traffic and monetization metrics and statistics compiled across multiple advertising campaigns delivered by Opera to its mobile publisher customers. The data includes ads requested from and delivered by Opera on behalf of multiple ad networks as well as directly sold campaigns created by its customers. Country-level details based on IP addresses of the originating ad requests as forwarded to Opera by its mobile publisher/app developer customers. Device details are similarly based on device user agents provided by these same customers.

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